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BEA App 手机程式提供全面理财服务及多项创新功能,为生活理财带来全新体验。

生活:全新奖分体验 - BEA MALL
银行服务:配合i-Token 流动保安编码服务,令电子理财更流畅安全。全方位流动理财服务、「转数快」、贷款及信用卡优惠



版本 8.3.0

BEA东亚银行带给你全新银行服务体验,配合全新推出的 i-Token 流动保安编码服务,令电子理财更流畅安全。

- 重设密码服务(电子网络银行服务密码、电话理财服务密码、自动柜员机卡密码)
- 衍生工具概览录像



1.7 滿分 5 粒星
1,552 個評分

1,552 個評分


It’s useful but somehow stupid

I mean it’s good that it allows me to check my balance and transfer money but there are many drawbacks
1. Stop telling me to update... whenever I want to do something immediately the update just bloody stops me from any further action apart from clicking into the app and telling me to update... I mean there’s not much difference after updating anyway so why don’t you let me do my stuff first!
2. I cannot check my e-statements. Sometime I want to get the address from the e-statement for a proof to apply for other stuff and this app just doesn’t have the function to do it in an instant. It’s super inconvenient to log in again in computer to open it!
3. Sometimes after update it just requires me to fill in all my stuff again and it’s super annoying but ... security right ?
4. It doesn’t really have any notifications when your account has any movements or your credit card is being spent... I mean you have to actively check it to see the activity...( unless I stupidly turned off the notification)

Alaine Chiu

The BEA mobile app always log out in less than 1 min

It has been over an year or few that I’ve called the bank n there seems no improvement at all
Whenever I logged in, I see my a account details for a while n if ever there’s msg or call or anything which I switched to see, for just even a few seconds n got back to the logged in app, it just LOG ME OUT IMMEDIATELY, no matter what.
How poor n inconvenient to us users !! Couldn’t the app design b more considerate n user friendly? People nowadays using a phone for over hundred times at different apps n messages in a day ... the log in page can’t just require the users to keep at this page without leaving it for a little while eg phone calls, WhatsApp msg, other apps for info


Stop updating the app every 10 seconds

It stops any further action when the app need to be updated which happened literally every single time I tried to use the app. This is really annoying when I’m trying to do something urgent. Plus, I don’t really see that much of a change after every updates. I do understand the need for update but it would be great if I could still use the app even thou it might not be the latest version. The developer really should do a better job. The other bank apps are doing a much better job!!!

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