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全新SC Mobile App以多元化功能全面照顧您的理財需要,讓您隨時隨地體驗更簡便、更快捷、更安全的流動理財服務。
• 全新主頁令您的所有户口一目了然,讓您緊貼戶口狀況。透過快捷鍵使您的日常理財更方便。
• 以SC Mobile無須親身前往分行即可開立綜合存款戶口。無須等待SMS一次性密碼 (OTP) ,以應用程式內置的流動保安編碼 - SC Mobile Key 安全地登入及進行交易。
• 於轉賬及支付使用SC Pay「轉數快」,憑手機號碼、電郵地址或掃描二維碼即可進行即時支付及實時轉賬。 使用 QR Cash 以快速便捷的方式進行無卡提款。即時為AlipayHK™或八達通銀包充值,無需任何額外費用。
• 投資頁面帶給您由股票到保險的多元化的理財方案。
• 透過探索,您可以瀏覽及即時申請我們的産品方案。不論是存款,信用卡,貸款,還是投資保險,您都能找到合適的方案。
• 於服務及設定,您能管理個人資料和通訊喜好,更能查閱電子結單和電子通知書,對户口瞭如指掌。
• 有任何疑問?可以到聯絡及支援頁面透過Stacy提供的24/7對話服務或myRM和線上客户顧問的個人化服務支援您的理財需要。我們更提供網上櫃位取票或網上預約服務,方便您親臨分行。


版本 7.2.1

• 錯誤修正
• 效能改善


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
5.4万 個評分

5.4万 個評分

Ying hui

Reset Mobile key for each time login

After the app updated, every time login need to reset mobile key otherwise not allow to login. I reset 5 times within last 5days for the mobile key. Please review the app and fix the bug ASAP!!!!


Poor user interface

I only had a SC credit card recently and AFTER I logged in, the app asked me to open a bank account as well. The app told me that I can only skip this for three times so I ended up following the instructions to open an account but eventually it didn’t tell me whether the account opening was successful or not. It appeared that the process did not complete. I tried twice but still failed and then the app no longer prompted the message to ask me to open a bank account. I had to call the customer service to check if I had opened an account (which I failed). The customer service directed me to open an account BEFORE I login in (which was a different process that I experienced). It wasted me so much time and caused me confusion. If the account opening function AFTER logging in is not working, please fix it or just remove it altogether.


Hi ybyung, this is not the experience we would like you to have. Please send us a message via DM on Twitter @StanChart or inbox to our Facebook page Standard Chartered HK with the reference number App23_1246108 and we will get in touch with you. ~ Alice


Unfortunate UX Design from a banking app

I use “unfortunate” instead of “unfriendly” because it simply doesn’t consider user experience at all so there is no friendliness to speak of. This came from some of my years using the app:

- accounts disappeared after phone change and app reinstalled. It will just show the account you used to reinstall app, all other accounts must be added back (no, not all banks do that, HxBC does it seamlessly)

- ID card capture is a joke (again, if above has been fixed we will not have this request). Please ask your testing team to try before release. I doubt any normal human beings can get it done in 30 mins for front and back scans of the ID card.

- advertisements before login page. Yes, forced advertisement every time before you can login. Bank: this is genius! Customers: if so, let’s cut out your relationship manager?

- if pre-login advertisement page down, you can even go on to login.

- “continue” button placed at the edge of app browser and my iPhone 14, 15 both face the problem of no response.

- transfer amount input looks like it’s for web (but I see it in my app), which requires a lot of tapping to trigger the amount input.

Dare I say more? Yes, your banking app is severely lagging behinds your peers. Up your game or out!


Hi McCreamy, thank you for connecting with us. We understand that there is still room for improvement in SC Mobile. We hope to give you better experience in the future. ~ Sasa

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