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THE GULU 是為香港人繁忙生活而設計的手機應用程式,可以幫你買升升券、排隊、外賣、訂位、攞優惠。所合作的食肆種類多元化,其中包括日式放題、火鍋、酒樓、西餐廳。現除了餐飲市場,亦拓展至髮型、美容、醫療市場,而家無論剪頭髮、做Facial,睇醫生都可以排隊及預約。

THE GULU - 為你節省等候時間,讓你賺取更多時光!


升升券 - 現金套券,即買即用

排隊 - 遙距攞飛,即時查詢叫號情況,推送通知提醒入座

外賣 - 預先落單,到舖即取

訂位 - 隨時隨地手機訂位,手機直接繳付訂金

優惠 - 即攞即用電子優惠券

食評 - 新增錄音留言,收聽有趣食評

In regards of busy life among Hong Kong people, THE GULU provides Cash Coupon, Queuing, Order, Reservation and Promo Offer. We have extensive restaurant base in diversified types, including Japanese all-you-can-eat hotpot, Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant. And now we are expanding our queuing and appointment services to hair-styling, beauty and clinic. Whenever you want to have a haircut, enjoy a facial treatment, or make a doctor consultation, just queue and book via THE GULU in advance.

THE GULU - Save your time, much enjoy your time!

Main features:

Cash Coupon - Make savings with a book of cash coupon

Queuing - Remote queuing ticket with real-time queuing status updated on APP. Push notification to remind you for the coming seat.

Order - Make order in advance and pick up at store

Reservation - Reserve table or service at anytime and anywhere. Directly pay deposit on APP

Promo Offer - Download promotional coupon and use in real time or store for next check-out

Review - Record your voice comment and share with the community


版本 2.18.8

感謝您使用THE GULU!今期更新:

- 修正錯誤


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
4.6万 個評分

4.6万 個評分


Good Customer Support

Is so good and quick to get a ticket and skip the line for just a few taps.
However, features come with the price. I receive so many advertisement notifications. I sent a message asking for opt-out and received a call in a few hours later and the problem solved. I’m so surprised that the app has such a prompt response. Not many companies in Hong Kong willing to do that. I appreciate that.


Hi twokatkinS, thank you for your appreciation. Please continue to support THE GULU! Thank you. For the advertisement notifications issue, we send most suitable product and service information to selected user by targeting push. We will review our targeting push send base. Thank you for your comment!

armstrong chan

New version mandatory? Why?

Your requirement only allow the latest version to run is dictatorial. When you release a new version, you ban the earlier version after a few days without warning. It is at the moment we want to check our queuing status. It’s very disappointing.


Hi armstrong chan, we apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered. All your data will remain after updating the App. Thank you.

Lok Cheung

Very bad design

It’s not about does it look good or not. The 8 colourful icons are far from obvious what do they do, I feel like playing pictionary guessing their functions; when I tap queuing, it shows me restaurants from miles away because they were “popular”, in stead of showing restaurant near me nor those I went to before; finally I have to search with the restaurant name, it still shows me one from miles away, the one I want is a whole page down. Yes I can find my restaurant, yes it totally works, but by today’s standard this is epic fail on app design.


Hi Lok Cheung, thank you very much for your suggestion related to our service icons and restaurant searching function. Please use our GPS searching function to search restaurant near you. Also, We will pass your suggestions to our colleague. If you still have any questions or suggestions, please send them to cs@thegulu.com. Thank you.


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須使用 iOS 9.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


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