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Pembayaran tol dengan eWallet

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Aplikasi ini hanya menyokong iOS versi 10.0 ke atas.

Aplikasi Touch ‘n Go eWallet tidak boleh menambah nilai kad Touch ‘n Go tetapi anda tak payah lagi tambah nilai kad Touch ‘n Go untuk pembayaran tol!
Hanya perlu pautkan kad Touch ‘n Go ke Touch ‘n Go eWallet untuk aktifkan ciri PayDirect dan bayar tol menggunakan baki eWallet anda.

Tiada caj tambahan apabila menambah nilai eWallet!

Beginilah ciri PayDirect boleh diguna:
1. Pautkan sehingga tiga (3) kad Touch ‘n Go ke eWallet
2. Tambah nilai eWallet menggunakan perbankan dalam talian FPX ataupun kad debit/kredit (aktifkan auto-reload untuk lebih kemudahan!)
3. Gunakan kad yang dipaut di lebuhraya yang disokong
4. Bayaran tol akan ditolak terus daripada baki eWallet anda. Baki kad Touch ‘n Go hanya akan ditolak jika baki eWallet tidak mencukupi

Cari lain untuk pembayaran tol melalui eWallet? Pasangkan RFID sticker yang percuma daripada rakan-rakan RFID Mobile Fitment kami dan lalu tol dengan lancar.

Tidak mengguna tol? Banyak lagi boleh dibuat dengan Touch ‘n Go eWallet anda:

Masukkan nombor telefon untuk hantar duit dengan segera ke pengguna Touch ‘n Go eWallet yang lain

Bayar bil pascabayar Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile, YES dan redONE dengan eWallet anda.
Tambah nilai prabayar YES, Digi, Hotlink, Xpax, U Mobile, Tune Talk, XOX, Altel ataupun Merchantrade juga!
Anda juga boleh membayar bil utility dan juga pembayaran balik pinjaman PTPTN dengan eWallet!

Beli tiket wayang yang terbaru dari TGV Cinemas, GSC, MBO, MMCineplexes dan banyak lagi melalui eWallet anda. Anda tidak akan terlepas filem-filem terkini!

Bagaimana nak menambah nilai Touch ‘n Go eWallet?
Tambah nilai eWallet dengan perbankan dalam talian FPX melalui CIMB Bank, Maybank, HSBC, RHB, Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan Nasional dan banyak lagi.

Ada kad bank? Bolehlah anda menambah nilai melalui kad debit/kredit dan aktifkan auto-reload supaya anda tidak payah risau tentang baki eWallet anda!
Anda boleh juga aktifkan ciri quick payment. Jika baki eWallet tidak mencukupi apabila anda membeli-belah di dalam kedai, kad bank yang telah diaktifkan akan menambah nilai yang tepat untuk membayar item tersebut di kedai.

Tunai? Ya, anda boleh menambah nilai eWallet menggunakan tunai melalui pembelian Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN yang boleh dibeli dari kedai runci, stesen minyak dan farmasi seperti KK Mart, Caring Pharmacy, MyNews, Petronas dan merata-rata tempat lagi.

Bimbang dan risau? Jangan. Touch ‘n Go eWallet yang telah disahkan akan dilindungi oleh 100% Pampasan Terjamin (Money-back Guarantee). Anda akan dibayar balik sepenuhnya jika eWallet anda mempunyai transaksi yang tidak sah.

Psst.. kami juga akan memberi banyak ganjaran melalui eWallet. Jangan kelepasan! Muat turun sekarang.

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Versi 1.7.77

What's new in v1.7.77

Continue your The Goal Hunter journey for a chance to win this month’s grand prize. Spend to collect stamps and redeem them for entries or vouchers. We have also made improvements in this update to further enhance your cashless experience. As always, it's better with Touch 'n Go eWallet.

Penilaian dan Ulasan

4.6 daripada 5
98.7K Penilaian

98.7K Penilaian

darkman5005 ,

Excellent improvement

I have decided to update my previous review after using the app for more than 5 months, with pay direct i think touch n go are going in the right direction, the app is very useful and provide multiple features and services, thank you

My previous feedback:

I am not sure why this app was created, the title is Touch n Go, you might think that you will be able to top up your touch n go card using this app and this is actually what i thought, so downloaded the app, account was created, this I reloaded 100MYR i my wallet, then....... i could not find any option to move the amount to my touch n go card simple i have 100MYR in a wallet which I CAN’T USE or refund back, in addition when i tried to pay this amount for TNG bill the transaction got rejected, be careful from this app it’s SCAM .

Respons Pembangun ,

Hi there, the TNG card is a Smartcard with a MIFARE chip, this means transactions only take place upon contact with a card reader. This is why reloading your TNG card via the eWallet is not possible. However, we have introduce an alternative solution with PayDirect. Add your TNG Card into eWallet, and the toll fares will be deducted directly from your eWallet.

We’re sorry this happened to you. Please drop us a note via Facebook Messenger on the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Facebook page so we can assist you further.

HanaeBunnie ,

TouchnGo app that can’t be used to reload TouchnGo 😆

Agree with many other reviewer comments regarding an app for TouchnGo that overlooks integration of the very thing that launched the company branding and services in the first place - imagine years of installing all the touch and go payment interfaces for scanning TouchnGo cards at tolls, parking, etc but when you finally launch an app, the developer and the company doesn’t even think of bringing value to the app despite many feedback by the users that it is important for the app to facilitate reloading of TouchnGo cards since we link our cards to top up the ewallet in the first place.

This is even more crucial now than later since direct payments from ewallet are not available at places where users want to use it most such as for tolls and parking or public transportation because we can only pay by only cash or TouchnGo so we need to top up our TouchnGo cards frequently (do you see why it would be useful for us to continue to use this app if only one of the things we could use this app for would be to be able to top up the cards? So it is really disappointing that it is not possible with this app).

Meanwhile, at other places we can always choose to pay by credit card or the plethora of other epayment apps. So if your app is just like the others, then there really is no point to use this app 😋 The management should really rethink the strategy and execution for this app.

Respons Pembangun ,

Hi there, while we'd love to allow you to use the eWallet to reload your TNG Card, this isn't possible at the moment as the TNG card is a Smartcard with a MIFARE chip requiring contact with a card reader to enable transactions. That's why we created the PayDirect feature, which we're currently working to expand to all highways around Malaysia. Apart from tolls, we're also working on expanding this feature to include public transportation and other touchpoints as well! Do like our Touch ‘n Go eWallet Facebook page to keep updated.

LexaLee93 ,

Not for me

I’m really disappointed that I’m unable to load my card and or use the e-wallet for my public transport fares as that was why I decided to try this app in the first place. Luckily I didn’t reload too much the first time, no thanks to the vague and unclear language that never just said outright that “you can’t use your e-wallet credit on public transport”. That could have saved me a lot of trouble. I did use the credit eventually after quite some time at TnG vendors, but that’s not what I intended this app for and it wasn’t my first priority for this app. TnG wallet = TnG reload, should be simple as that. Everything else is a bonus.

Yeah I bet I’m gonna get the same spiel from the touch and go team about MiFare and blah blah blah, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that others also faced the same problem.

No doubt I can use the money I’ve loaded elsewhere at vendors, but it’s not worth it and I would rather use other cashless apps based on ease of use and rewards offered. The toll rebates make the toll(s) worth it, but once the rebate is over, there honestly isn’t a great need to use this app to pay tolls seeing as the wallet credit and physical card credit are not interchangeable.

Respons Pembangun ,

We're deeply regret with your experience on our eWallet, we heard you!!!. Currently we're working closely to include others transportation features to be available via our eWallet. As a young eWallet starter, we sincerely acknowledge all comments and feedback for improvement, we hope you can stay tuned with us for awhile, Thank you for your patience

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