Get Instant Kijiji Alerts and other classified websites with Canadian Classifieds Alerter!

Alerts are delivered by push alerts so none of your precious bandwidth gets wasted. You get up to 8 alerts all for absolutely free!

Browse by category, location, price range and enter search terms... and next time someone posts an item on Kijiji that fits your criteria, you will get an Instant Kijiji Alert right to your phone! You will never have to post a wanted ad ever again. Canadian Classifieds Alerter completely replaces Kijiji Daily Alerts, by giving you an instant Kijiji alert.

Canadian Classifieds Alerter works much faster than the Kijiji Daily Alerts. Canadian Classifieds Alerter has the option to check for new ads as often as every minute. Kijiji Daily Alerts are only sent out once a day, and sometimes they never get sent at all... Never let that deal escape your grasps again with Canadian Classifieds Alerter! Knowing instantly when Kijiji ads are posted will prove invaluable to anyone who deals on Kijiji regularly, since instant kijiji alerts give you the high ground

Canadian Classifieds Alerter is a must have application for anyone looking to snipe a deal from other buyers on Kijiji. Give yourself the advantage and get an instant Kijiji alert when an iPhone, MacBook or anything you need is posted on Kijiji. This means you'll never have to sit at your browser pressing refresh every two seconds since classified alerts are sent right to your phone.

Canadian Classifieds Alerter is user friendly, and does not require copying and pasting of URLs or any other tedious extra work to setup alerts. Pick a category, location and it's that simple! Set a price limit and search query as well for even more specific results.

Is there a feature you want/need for Canadian Classifieds Alerter? Please email me and I will add it. I'm a very active developer and can roll out an update almost immediately, sometimes the same day.

Canadian Classifieds Alerter has been tested down to iOS 10.0

What’s New

Version 12

-Fixed crash during login

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