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DTX402 Touch is a dedicated iOS app for Yamaha DTX402 series electronic drums. To use the app, you will need to connect your smart device to DTX using a USB cable and Lightning USB adapter.

Get a Drummer’s Certificate
“Challenge Mode” is a new function on the DTX402 Touch that tests your skill. If you can play all 10 practice songs without making a mistake, you will receive a “Drummer’s Certificate” from the Yamaha DTX drum team that you can share via social media.

Learn While Having Fun
Specially designed for drummers at any skill level, the DTX402 Touch has 10 Training Modes designed to make you a better player, faster. The exercises are a fun way to learn to read drum music notation, play with dynamics and develop your sense of timing. "Rhythm Gate" improves your timing accuracy by only allowing you to play rhythms in time with the metronome. “Song Part Gate" teaches you to play each part of the song with correct timing while the "Recorder" function lets you record a drum solo or play along with a song to self-assess your performance. You can also use "Fast Blast" to count the number of drum stokes made within a set period of time. This helps to increase your speed and build stamina.

Make Customized Drum Kits
Personalize each of the 10 drum kits with over 280 drum and percussion sounds. Simply touch the drum pads on your screen to change or select a sound, and edit them with tuning, volume, panning, mute and reverb to create your own sound quickly and easily.

Simple and Intuitive Control
With a simple swipe, you can select and customize kits, song numbers, set up metronome and adjust the trigging parameters for your playing style. You can view this information while playing in Training Mode and learn how to play preset songs with instructional videos featuring industry professionals.

Update Utility
By connecting DTX402 with your smart device, DTX402 Touch App starts up to date automatically. Or by selecting the “Version” tab on the “Menu” screen, the app ensures that your firmware is up to date manually, so there is no need to download firmware data or connect DTX to your PC.


バージョン 1.0.6

- Dropbox new API support
- Firmware Updater v1.11 support





Cannot use this app

I don’t know if the support for this has been dropped, but I cannot use this app with my dtx402 kit. It won’t update firmware, and is otherwise useless. Fixes?


Useful but could be improved

This app helps make quicker changes to the kits and gives visual access to the challenge mode music scores.
The update we are all waiting for is the ability to save kits under new user patches, not just overwrite the existing factory kits. There are tons of interesting percussion sounds but why not make some more kits available through the app. It’s a little clumsy in that respect.
But if you have the dtx402 series kit then you will want this app, especially if you have an iPad or larger iPhone screen.
Time to Practice!


Doesn’t sync

This doesn’t actually sync to my DTX402. You can move the sliders around but it has literally no effect on the drum kit.


デベロッパである"Yamaha Corporation"は、アプリのプライバシー慣行に、以下のデータの取り扱いが含まれる可能性があることを示しました。詳しくは、デベロッパプライバシーポリシーを参照してください。

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.



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