Dunk in a real 5v5 basketball game!
Face other teams in a fierce fight!
Tackle everyone and reach the Hoop to score as many points as possible!


Versione 1.3.6

-Bug fixes

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.7 su 5
12,742 valutazioni

12,742 valutazioni

CruzinMan ,

Such a fun game

For those reading playing the free version dealing with ads every 0.02 seconds let me tell you

Buy the ad free version! No more ads ever, what you’re left with is one of the most fun mini beanz based basketball game EVER! I love the addition of passing haha.

Your teammate beanz are frustratingly useless but I love it. Makes it much more satisfying when I win. Cheers to the developer. This game is a lot of fun

Traaaiiins!!!! ,


Every time you score, an ad plays. It is really annoying because it’s the same ad! I got 23 Coin Master ads in 5 minutes. If you score a lot, be ready to press a tiny x in the corner of your screen. It is really annoying because once I got 2 ads within 5 seconds of each other. Please remove all of these ads so that you can PLAY THE GAME without having to watch an ad. They are all skippable, but it is still extremely annoying. Make it so that you have to watch 1 ad every 2 games instead of 1 ad per score. You even have to watch an ad at the very end of the game. If you score 3 points, you will watch 4 ads in ONE GAME! I cannot say how annoyed I am with this game. It is so unbearable that I am going to delete this app. I am truly amazed at the fact it has 4.8 stars.

Blokbuster kid ,

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads...

This game is meh in my opinion. When I first downloaded it I was pretty excited to play it, but then I realized that there are at least 4 ads in every single match that I play. If you could make it so there’s 1 ad every 2 games that would be great. Also the game keeps on kicking me out mid-game and that’s getting really annoying because it also makes me lose any rewards that I have earned that game causing me to have to do it over and over again. I might as well delete it and play HeadBall 2 or something.

Also every time I open the app again to play it, it makes me re-equip everything that I have that the game didn’t force me to earn again. It’s really annoying and I hope you can fix that.

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