Build your outpost. Manage your citizens. Craft tools and weapons. Survive the zombie apocalypse.

As leader of one of the last remnants of civilisation, you must manage your citizens, use resources to expand your outpost, and protect your citizens from both starvation and the dead.

In the face of this great challenge, you have control over the construction of new buildings for your citizens to live and work in. Striking the right balance of building types is critical to maintaining the resource stockpiles so valuable to your citizens. Equip your workforce with the right tools for the job as the needs of your Outpost changes with its growth. Craft weapons to protect and defend your Outpost from zombies that wander too close...


Improve your base over time to shelter your citizens from the outside world, and stockpile resources to save as many lives as possible.

Lead your citizens into a new age of prosperity by assigning them the right jobs, including farmers and guards.

Give your citizens the tools they need to survive. Build a workshop to unlock advanced crafting and create weaponry to fend off the dead.

Combat famine and the dead by perfecting your long-term strategic balance of management, research, building and crafting.





What’s New

Version 1.0.10

• New worker inventory system - repair walls by up to 100hp with up to 100 wood
• Snipers decide which position to take on towers when they arrive
• Building inspector better shows when an upgrade requires a certain base level or has reached max level
• Nerfed noises from the base and housing
• Changed tower level 2 upgrade materials
• Added delay after training a lumberjack in the tutorial
• Tactical menu now has donation and Patreon buttons

• Snipers no longer freeze when the game is paused while climbing their towers
• Workers don't get stuck after working for a day
• Workers now correctly repair walls to maximum health in all situations
• Fixed the wrong wall occasionally being rebuilt after continuing
• Snipers no longer go to the wrong position on towers after a sniper previously died while on the tower


Dear players,

This update includes some relatively big changes to workers. They now hold up to 100 wood in their inventory and use this to repair the wall as much as they can. They will only use as much wood as is needed to repair the wall to max health. There are some other important bug fixes as well as a button for PayPal donations. The idea is to offer a way to directly support Final Outpost in a one-off format.

We've also had people offers their translation skills for Spanish and Arabic. The plan is to begin with one or two translations and build up from there since supporting multiple languages can slow down the release of new updates. Regardless I hope to continue bringing new content to the game (especially in 1.1) before beginning this process.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the game and giving your feedback. It was great to chat with some of you on 30th April, even with a few microphone issues! We can organise another Discord session soon if anyone missed it. In the meantime we'll be active on social media channels if you have any questions or suggestions.

- Sam


Those in the Patreon changelog tier include:
• Tanner Letts
• Ivo James
Those who have donated:
• Jonathan Carroll
• Adrien Paulet





Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
498 Ratings

498 Ratings

s nejbsjbsh siw iansnnsb ,

Good game for a short time

Playing it for about a full 24 hours and I beat it needs more game play doesn’t take long and I just flew right thru it at day 100+ and now I’m bored.... I took down pretty much everything to build 20+ farms with 6-7 food shelters.... now insanely bored again. Good for a few days after you beat it you will never die and never run out of food.... check max food 8300 with 20 farms and 500 population I Believe I could let my phone stay on for a year and never have to look at it. Zombie at night are super easy they never get harder and at the end when you get all 6 slots open I just run snipers all across the wall with 12 gunners and 165 knifers believe I over achieved protection details 👌. Mad glitches tho had to restart the app over and over when day came to get my people to move. And also every now and then woodcutters would come back with nothing. I get on the game and wood would disappear or appear. Can’t move your stuff around to make my OCD happy so I got to the point of destroying and placing where I wanted it. Third tier metal is wasted only on snipers. Lvl 5 is the max which makes for a very quick game end. Also can’t tell how much food you make per hour or metal or wood and that annoys me.

beastmasterr69 ,

A really good game but need more improve

It very relaxing to watch the people go and collect stuff, fight zombies and farming, it like having an ant farm, bed thing is there is no ads but the only want u can support the creator is by buying the resources. after 3 days(RL) I have maxed out every things, unlock all plot and all 4 side of the wall with every structure lv max. So this is the issue: I appoint 120 people as farmer and then destroy some of the farm now I if I un hire them I can’t rehire them until I make a new farm, But if I keep them they will took my food which I might don’t have, so make options I can fire them if I don’t have the space. The 2nd things is at night the red thingy is too much it make me lag my phone got hot, because I have lot of sniper and guard, so make option that I can toggle the sound indicator. 3 is at some point there is nothing left so do, the only even is every 5 days a big wave of zombies attack, but because I have lot of snipers they can’t touch the wall, so buff the zombies and add more zombies event. the shop is bad when the resources I can just farm in 1 wave of workers, buff the shop. Don’t add the 2x, I like it slow

Robodex001 ,

Needs more features

First of all, I love the game. It’s simplistic and fun, but quite easy once you get going. Despite the lack of difficulty I find it quite satisfying to play. However, I wish there was more to do. Currently there is no incentive to kill zombies, other than to stop them at your walls. Once you get going in the game and have snipers, you never have to worry about knife fighters again, and there is no danger of citizens dying of infection. There is also very little to do with medium and high grade scrap.

A VERY important update in my opinion, would be to allow changing of jobs in bulk. With hundreds of survivors, it’s tedious clicking for every single unit to change jobs each night and day. I would also love to see more building options, and more things to craft. Allow scrap to be converted between tiers. Make zombie waves more difficult, have a new type that moves faster than others perhaps. The game currently is very skeletal, and with more features would be much more fun. Your game has amazing potential and I hope you consider more content updates in the future.


Sam Clothier
40.1 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
In-App Purchases
  1. Set Traps $0.99
  2. Ambush Survivors $2.99
  3. Search for Resources $5.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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