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What if the Wolf didn’t eat Grandma?
Ever wished your favourite fairy tale ended differently?
Now it can!

An app that will make kids fall in love with reading again.

Twisted Tales are every parent’s dream: education that will keep your kids entertained for hours!

While the kids think they are just enjoying a fun new app - they are actually learning reading, listening and decision-making skills. Genius? We know!

This new take on choose-your-own-adventure stories uses professional voice actors, sound effects, music, and art to reinvent classic fairy tales.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the world, Twisted Tales allows you to take on the roles of characters and live the story from their point of view.

Twisted Tales put children (and children at heart) in the role of stories’ characters — meaning they can live out the roles of Hansel and Gretel — and even the Evil Witch.

Children love the app because it brings to life their favourite characters and puts them in charge of choosing the storyline. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations and captivating soundwork, they become fully engrossed in the story. Seriously, good luck tearing them away from a story once they start.

Parents love the app because it’s bringing the magic back to reading: Kids can’t get enough of it! This is an app that educates and entertains children at the same time, a dream result for parents who want their children to grow-up knowing education doesn’t have to be boring.

Twisted Tales include:
* Professional voice acting
* Immersive music
* Flawless sound effects
* Multiple choices and alternative endings
* A reading assistant which synchronizes audio with text
* built-in parental lock for security

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Wersja 1.0.4

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Added support for visually impaired and blind users.
In order to activate accessibility mode within the app use the magic gesture: tap the screen three times with three fingers (fairly fast).

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4,8 z 5
Ocen: 4

Ocen: 4

Ashleigh Peach ,

Not being able to play as the ogre?

I wonder why, in the Hansel and Grettle story, players can’t play as the ogre? I think that’d be cool, or maybe, there could be a story line with him and the witch? Also, why can’t players select and get other stories right from the app itself? I think that’d be nice instead of having to use the App Store all the time. Of course, you’d buy the game from the store, but you’d click on the “get” button within the app/not able to do this yet.

Prywatność w aplikacji

Deweloper (Sonnar) nie podał Apple szczegółów dotyczących zasad ochrony prywatności oraz przetwarzania danych. Aby dowiedzieć się więcej, zapoznaj się z zasadami ochrony prywatności dewelopera.

Brak informacji

Podczas zgłaszania kolejnego uaktualnienia aplikacji deweloper będzie musiał podać informacje dotyczące ochrony prywatności.


  • Chmura rodzinna

    Po włączeniu Chmury rodzinnej z tej aplikacji może korzystać nawet sześciu członków rodziny.

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