Create 3D scans using the 3D camera in your iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro or an iPad Pro with TrueDepth camera! Export scans into STL and PLY, share them and more. On other devices you can use the ordinary camera mode or the Screen Sharing feature.

The app is divided into two modes:

= 3D Scanner (Paid, requires one-time In-App Purchase)
- available only for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and iPad Pro with TrueDepth camera as an In-App Purchase (Why? Read more at the bottom.)

- create 3D models by scanning everyday objects
using the front-facing TrueDepth camera

- after scanning, export the models into PLY (with colors)
and STL (without colors) file formats

- share exported models via built-in Wi-Fi server

- view the models in AR

- you can scan in pitch-dark environment!

- choose from the available scanning precisions — the higher
the precision, the shorter the scanner range

- objects in scanner range are highlighted in the live view

- switch to the passive Night Vision where there're no
explicit restrictions on the scanner range

- use the volume buttons as camera toggle

- share screen with another device so that you can better see what you're scanning (double-tap the video preview to enable it)

Instructions for the 3D scanner:
- move slowly when scanning

- make sure that most of the captured scene is within
the scanner range

- please read the FAQ at

The scanner isn't perfect and can fail when moving too fast or scanning a challenging environment (e.g. glass surfaces cannot be captured due to the nature of the TrueDepth sensor).

= Back-facing camera mode
- available for all devices

- manual camera focus

- sharing photos via built-in Wi-Fi server

= Why don't you just make the app paid up front? Why the annoying In-App Purchase?

TL;DR: Apple doesn't allow this yet.

I absolutely agree with you — I wish I could make it paid up front (it would save me a lot of time), but Apple wouldn't approve the app or people with unsupported phones would get angry.

To create 3D scans, Heges requires that your iPhone or iPad has the 3D-sensing (TrueDepth) camera – the same one that is used by FaceID.

However, some older iPhones and iPads do not have these cameras (and are therefore unsupported). The problem is that Apple doesn't allow developers to restrict apps only for the supported devices with FaceID (many developers, including myself, have written them more than 2 years ago about this, without resolution). This means that you are able to download Heges in the App Store also on unsupported devices such as the iPhone 6S. As a developer, I can only check if your iPhone/iPad is supported once you open Heges.

If I made Heges paid up-front, a person with iPhone 6S could purchase Heges, only to find out that it won't run on their phone (because iPhone 6S doesn't have the 3D (TrueDepth) camera) — I don't know about you, but I would be infuriated.

So in order NOT to "scam" people with unsupported devices, I decided to solve this problem with In-App Purchases: when you open Heges, it checks if your device is supported. If it is, you will be able to buy it. If you have an unsupported device, the "Buy" button will NOT appear so that you cannot accidentally purchase it.

If you have any questions just drop me an email at and I'll be happy to help you :)!

What’s New

Version 1.3

· Added haptic feedback (vibration) that notifies you when you should slow down or get closer to the scanned object. This can be turned on/off in "iOS Settings app > Heges > Scanning Warning Vibration Feedback" (enabled by default). Available only on iPhones.

· Fixed crashing caused by opening the internal AR Viewer.

· Fixed crashes throughout the app.

Ratings and Reviews

3.2 out of 5
112 Ratings

112 Ratings

Mykel3D ,

Best mobile 3D scanner for iPhone X

I’m kind of blown away at how well this scanner works. It’s not perfect however compared to what’s been available this is incredible.

The biggest issue is not the 3D scanning, its the “WiFi file sharing” feature. While I suppose this could be useful I really don’t understand why the developer doesn’t let you just share using the expected avenues such as email, iMessage, save to phone or air drop. I don’t even know what it means to wifi share a file is to be honest... I’m still not sure how to access the scanned data.

I’m guessing file size concerns have something to do with the choice to WiFi share/export your 3D scans, maybe the app isn’t very strong with managing the captured scan data? I think it would be nice to at least have other export options. At very least make it more clear on how you send/receive captured files over WiFi. Also, adding .fbx and .obj as file format options would be fantastic. Right now the .stl files are strictly catering to 3D printing apps. .obj and .fbx would be easier to share with industry standard 3D modeling applications, like C4D, Zbrush, Unity.

Still giving it 4 solid stars (assuming I figure out how to accept a shared WiFi file). The quality is really impressive and again, compared to what’s available, this is amazing.

Please polish and continue working out the bugs, this is a really promising app. Finally getting some use out if this iPhone X depth sensor!

Developer Response ,

Hello Mykel,

you can access the exported files either via the iOS Files App (where you can share the exported files via Airdrop or send them via iMessage) or through iTunes File Sharing or finally via the Wi-Fi sharing. I didn't include sharing via iMessage because of the file size as you correctly mentioned.

Wi-Fi sharing works like this: your iPhone needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer you want to download the models from. First you scan a model, then you export the model into PLY and/or STL formats and after that you click on the "Sharing" icon in the Library and press "Start sharing".

Please take a look at this image: After clicking on "Start sharing", you can go to your computer and connect to your iPhone via a web browser by typing in the browser one of the addresses that are displayed in the "Start sharing" popup (in the image it can be for example http://Tmp.local or After that a website should open with all of your *exported* models (models that you don't export into PLY and/or STL won't be displayed there) that you can download.

If you have any problems/questions then please contact me at

Mirage420 ,

Hands down the best one on App Store

I don’t generally review things, but I literally tried and bought every scan app on the App Store, and this one is by far the best. The biggest complaint I had about the other apps is that you had to go super slow and be extra steady when scanning or you would instantly lose tracking. This apps tracking is good enough that you can move at a pretty brisk pace (within reason for 3D scanning of course) and it doesn’t skip a beat. Also most other apps lose tracking if you have your phone stationary and are moving the object in place, such as on a turn table. Never had an issue with that using Hedges. And for the small one time fee, it makes it even better since not only does it scan faster and more accurate, you don’t have to pay a subscription to save your scans, like most other apps. Definitely worth the small fee in my opinion.

Developer Response ,

Hello Mirage420,
thank you very much for your review! I appreciate that you sacrificed your time to write it.

Your review made my day — it is reviews like yours that make developers feel good, so thank you :)!

Kind regards,

Bad Bullet ,


I really didn't expect much, but the quality of the scans is actually quite impressive.

I've done scanning using both Kinect 1 & 2, and while they can do larger areas, they were not meant for close up details. This app allows much better fine detail. First scan of course was my face. And I was blown away that it didn't make my nose look all deformed like the Kinects'.

It does lose tracking if you try going around and object, so I'll be stitching separate scans together in other software.

1. When exported to PLY, it would be nice to be able to turn off the color to inspect the geometry, instead of also exporting STL to do the inspection.
2. When viewing in non AR, I'd like a way to update where the viewer pivots from. Say if I want to inspect and rotate around an area, right now the pivot point is fixed somewhere else and the object goes out of view. Add a pivot mode so we can tap on part of the model and it will pivot around that.
3. With the AR mode, it sometimes loses track and the model moves out of sight, sometimes even behind me. I'd like an option to redraw the object where I'm currently pointing.
4. Would like option in AR mode to rotate the scan.
5. Photo capture in AR mode. I'm using screen capture now, but would be nice to hit a take photo button of the scan in the photo.

Can't wait to try 3D printing something captured.

In-App Purchases

3D Scanner
Enables to create, export and share 3D models


Marek Simonik
10.9 MB

Requires iOS 13.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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In-App Purchases
  1. 3D Scanner $8.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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