How would you create a World War 2 battlefield? Which tanks and military units would you choose to participate on the war? What kind of tactics and strategy would you make to win the war? If you are a fan of the WW2 war machines, WW2 Battle Front Simulator is a powerful yet easy to use simulator where you can create and simulate a whole new realistic Battlefield. This SANDBOX is just fascinating.

Looking for the ultimate World War 2 Battle Simulator?
We hope WW2 Fans out there enjoy the great simulation fun and love killing time with friends debating over which side wins the battle. Along the way, players will learn the details of weapon technology that has marked a line in history.

WW2 Battle Front Simulator begins it’s story on June 22nd, 1941 at the Eastern Front. Dubbed Operation Barbarossa, Germany committed a huge force of troops and by August 25th, 1941 the eastern front was moving into Russia itself. Story mode takes players to major eastern front battles from leningrad, Rostov, Moscow to Stalingrad between Germany & USSR. Later it takes players to the wester front where USA attacks Germany starting in France taking over one city at a time.

The game focuses on making the WW2 Simulator as real as possible. It begins with the ability of the players to play with actual Army and weapons from WW2 such as famous Tiger, Pershing and Sherman tanks. Players have the option of playing custom mode as every War Simulation fan enjoys setting up the troops and watching which side wins the battle. On custom mode, players can choose to play USA, USSR or Germany.

Strategy War Machine on USA Military
- Willy's Jeep, M3 HalfTrack, M8 Greyhound, M10 Wolverine, M4 Sherman, Sherman Firefly, M29 Pershing, T34 Calliope, M7 Priest

Strategy War Machine on USSR Military
- ZIS-3, BA-64, BT-7, T-34/76, KV-1, SU-76, BM-13 Katyusha, T-34/85, SU-100, KV-2, ISU-152 Tank

Strategy War Machine on German Military
- Sd.Kfz.222, Sd,Kfz.251, Sd.Kfz.234 Puma, Stug III , Panzer IV , Panther, Tiger, Strumtiger, Wespe, Pak 40

Story Mode Progression Sequence
- Eastern Front Battlefield
 1) Siege of Leningrad (September 8, 1941)
 2) The Battle of Rostov (November 21, 1941)
 3) Battle of Moscow (November 25, 1941)
 4) Battle of Isim (April 30, 1942)
 5) Siege of Sevastopol (July 4, 1942)
 6) The Battle of Nikko Bo (December 21, 1942)
 7) Battle of Stalingrad (January 31, 1943)
 8) Battle of Kursk (July 5, 1943)
 9) The battle of Prohóoka (July 12, 1943)
 10) Battle of Harikov (August 22, 1943)
 11) Battle of Kyiv (December 5, 1943)
 12) Battle of Odessa (April 10, 1944)
 13) Battle of Minsk (July 8, 1944)
 14) Battle of Budapest (February 13, 1945)
 15) Battle of Berlin (May 9, 1945)

- Western Front Battlefield
 1) Battle of Normandy (June 6, 1944)
 2) Battle of Brest (August 7, 1944)
 3) Battle of the Côte de Azur (August 15, 1944)
 4) Battle of Paris (August 24, 1944)
 5) Battle of Huttgen Forest (19 September 1944)
 6) Battle of Aachen (October 2, 1944)
 7) Battle of Arden (December 16, 1944)
 8) Battle of Alsace Lorraine (December 31, 1944)
 9) Battle of Colmar (February 9, 1945)
 10) Battle of Rhineland (March 26, 1945)
 11) Battle of Frankfurt (March 26, 1945)
 12) Battle of Kassel (April 1, 1945)
 13) Battle of Heilbronn (April 12, 1945)
 14) Battle of Rour (April 14, 1945)
 15) Battle of Nuremburg (April 20, 1945)

What’s New

Version 1.6.3

Thank you for playing WW2BFS. We are working hard to improve the game.
On this update, we have included
1) Story Mode bug update (Germany vs Germany on Eastern Front)
2) 1st purchase sale bug fixed (Now disappears after 1st purchase)
3) Story Mode Coin bug (Now available with more rewards)
4) PvP Network Battle Server update
5) Localization errors fixed on Portuguese and Simplified Chinese
Stay tuned for more updates

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
1.7K Ratings

1.7K Ratings

Braytonic ,

Needs more consistency and faster load times

Okay first of all I love this game and I can see myself playing this game for hours. Only that I can’t because of the fuel system, but that’s okay I play usually at night when I get a free hour so that’s not bad. My main issue with the game is the load times and the consistency with the ads and rewards. A lot of times I’ll watch an ad to claim a free reward and it won’t give me it so I have to restart the game and watch another ad, same thing with the missions, I’ll have to restart and claim it again, other than that I wish it would load faster, not sure if that’s even possible but it’d be nice.

Now, I love the units in this game, I like the grind to unlock the epics and upgrade units,
I enjoyed the eastern front campaign but I felt it was too easy, on the western front I am about halfway through but I am stuck on the level with all the tigers, and I feel like the western campaign is too hard if you could just rebalance them make the Soviet one a bit harder and the US one a little easier I would love the campaign. One other thing I wish was in the game would be a British campaign and units, and who knows maybe in the future you expand the game to PC with all sides of the war, maybe even a naval campaign, maybe I’m getting too exited. Overall I really enjoy this game and if you just polished it and added more armies I would even pay money for this game, keep it up!

narly-mateo ,

Best Battle/War Simulator on the App Store! But...

I’ve tried what seems an infinite amount of battle simulators on the App Store, but this one tops all the others. I love the the little introduction before each campaign mission. It shows that you guys don’t just want to make another World War II game, but share the history behind that war. The struggles and the triumphs of both sides. It’s refreshing to the German point of view, not just a one sided version of the entire story. You tell WHAT’S happening as much as you tell WHY it’s happening, which is incredible, and essential if you want to re-tell historical events. The camera is simple to move and it’s easy to navigate across the whole map. The units all have different strengths and weaknesses. One of the problems I had with some of the other simulators I played was the units were too similar it abilities, but this game does that right. I can see that so much love was put into this game. BUT... the strategy is lacking. I wish I could manually move my units, or go in slow motion so I would have more time to move them. I would also like to be able to order them to halt, which would be very useful in a lot of situations. And one more thing: PLEASE NERF THE GERMAN ROCKET LAUNCHERS OR BUFF THE USA/USSR’S EQUIVALENT!
And one question for the developers: Do you have any plans to add more factions/campaign levels? I would appreciate a response.
That’s it! Good job on this game, and keep the updates coming!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for your productive feedback. We are very happy that you perfectly understand our intentions. Originally we had a German Campaign but our War game advisors advised to not really mess with it for the sake of the game. We do agree that some units need to be buffed cor better balance and your feedback really helps us get it right. We are actually working on different ways to make the units hold position. We are a little stuck at this moment because it seems to make the controls way too complicated for playerd to enjoy. We are also working on larger maps which could improve the different variety of simulations. Also we just wanted to let you know that we are listening. :)

DragonHex Ice ,

Actually really good!

This is my first ever review, but as this game is fairly new I thought I would make one. Anyways, in my opinion the game was really fun, there’s a custom mode where you can just do any unit against any unit and sandbox mode where you can build levels and play other peoples levels. There’s an entire campaign which I’m only 27 percent through there’s a Western front and an Eastern front so it’s almost like getting two separate campaigns.

My only problem is fuel, which is used to actually play levels you get either 4 or 5 fuel before there’s a time limit before you receive more. This doesn’t apply to custom mode though, so you can just keep doing match after match there. If you don’t want to wait to get more fuel you can always watch an add to get more, and this isn’t one of those games where if you click on something a random add will appear. There is also a daily crate you can open which usually gives me 3 hours of unlimited fuel, so that’s definitely nice about this game

So far I’ve had a pretty good experience and would love to see what update are in store for the future. If there’s anything I hope they add is more strategic maps in custom and sandbox mode, where it isn’t just two forces on the left and right side of the screen like some of the campaign missions. This is definitely one of the best battle simulator games I’ve ever played.

Developer Response ,

It’s really thanks to players like you leaving very productive and honest feedback that really really motivates us to do better. Accordingly, we have changed the custom mode playable without gas (ver 1.0.2) and we also reduced the waiting time to 10mins. We will bring on the more complicated features, first we are going to make a mode where the units can be holdable which would make things more tactical. Eventually we think we are going to need a larger map.

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