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Need INSTANT SOLUTIONS for Math HOMEWORK? Tired of WAITING for help? Need MORE practice with similar questions? Try Miao's academic search engine for FREE!


Instantly get results after taking a photo of your homework.

Finds you highly relevant content including question-answer and learning resources based on your query

Understand what topics and subtopics you are searching for and tell you what areas you should work on more often!

- Topics Covered:
Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statics & Probability, Calculus. More to come!

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More Math homework data. Explore Launched. Miao~

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3,3 de 5
224 valoraciones

224 valoraciones

Hear sherie ,

Great app which helps a lot to solve tough problems!!

This is the best app for calculate and I will give the full 5 star...even it can read my worst handwriting 😆...very much manage most of my work much easier...and the surprising things about this app is that it reasons us clearly...

Nyc Pleasant ,

Very good app.

Very good app, helps you a lot as a student. I've been trying other apps that are trying to do the same thing, but none had as many features as this one. The scan feature works the best out of all of the apps I've tried.

Alexia Streeter ,

student life saver    ‌     

It provided the answer, an explanation of how to work things out, an example of similar problems, a video that corresponded with the topic, and other sources such as Google while being simple enough for anyone to understand.  ‌    

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