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Si usas tu computadora para ver películas o escuchar música, esta aplicación es para ti.

Transforma tu iPhone o iPad en un práctico pero poderoso control remoto para tu computadora.

Controla tu computadora desde el sillón, cama, o incluso desde otro cuarto. No tiene que estar a la vista: la app utiliza el WiFi para conectarse a tu computadora. Incluso puedes usar tu Apple Watch para controlar tu computadora, ¡¿no es genial?!

Configurarlo es rápido y fácil, solo descarga la aplicación auxiliar desde mi sitio web e instálalo en tu computadora, ¡y listo!

Esta app existe desde el 2016 y y ha sido descargada más de 2 millones de veces, con reseñas muy positivas tanto de usuarios como la prensa. Se le da constante mantenimiento y está siendo actualizada frecuentemente con contenido nuevo y emocionante.

- Controla la reproducción de medios en sitios y aplicaciones populares
- Utiliza tu dispositivo como un teclado y mouse de computadora
- Ve la pantalla de tu computadora en tu dispositivo
- Controla la salida de AirPlay (audio/video) [Solo Mac]
- Abre y cierra aplicaciones
- Ejecuta acciones de sistema como Dormir, Apagar la pantalla y muchos más
- Abre sitios web

- Programa y utiliza a Siri para realizar acciones
- Crea teclados personalizados para controlar aplicaciones y sitios web
- Agrega acciones personalizadas utilizando lenguajes de programación (AppleScript para Mac/Powershell para Windows)
- Gran capacidad de personalización de la aplicación y la interfaz de widgets
- Historial de dispositivos conectados para una reconexión rápida
- Despertar en LAN

- Mac con macOS 10.10 o más reciente
- PC con Windows 7 SP1 o más reciente
- Aplicación de ayuda gratis, disponible en
- Conexión de red compartida, WiFi o Hotspot personal, visita


Versión 2021.44

* [NEW] Theme settings now apply to watch app
* [FIX] Watch app issues
* [FIX] Minor UI issues

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,7 de 5
3,9 mil valoraciones

3,9 mil valoraciones

Ryvvn ,

Absolute Must Have Useful App

I originally debated on purchasing this... but I knew how much I wanted something like this for daily use, and after many months I can say without a doubt this was one of the best app purchases I’ve ever made! It is one of the few apps that I honestly use practically daily because I have an entertainment PC hooked up to my living room television and previously had no simple way to control it; this app solves my issue wonderfully and if you have a similar potential use case, you definitely need to grab this app! The customization is great too, I made a “streaming” custom keypad that has one press buttons for each of my major streaming services that auto-launch chrome and go directly to “my queue” on that service’s page; unbelievably convenient!

My one and ONLY complaint is that the desktop portion, which is understandable needed for pairing purposes and is super easy to download and install, is that part does pop a windows “okay to run” type window on PC startup, so unless you leave your PC running all the time, you’ll still need an alternate control device just to approve that windows box (perhaps there is some system level thing that can just set the desktop part of this app to auto-run and allow access at startup without user approval, but I’m not sure). Regardless of that one issue, this app is a no-brainer investment for how much use you will certainly get out of it!

Floweeeerrs ,

Pretty frickin cool

I found this app after searching for a few weeks for something like it. Reading reviews and comparing capabilities and such. I initially got the free version to see if it did what I was looking for and was greatly impressed with this apps functions and customizable options. It works really well almost identical to a mouse/remote control. Exactly what I wanted.
One downfall which I think is not too bad is that when I finally bought the full version it started to crash, (could’ve also been my internet connection because that later changed) but sometimes it doesn’t want to automatically connect to my MacBook. I don’t mind this too much because I’m not too lazy to just do whatever I need to on my actual laptop if the app is down or maybe updating. But as a paid version I suppose it could be improved (?) I’m pretty laid back on regardless mostly because overall with everything laid out in front of me, I really like this app. It gets the job done and continues to improve anyway so it’s not a big deal.

One last thing. Every time I use this app my friends and family are always amazed that I’m controlling my laptop from my phone. I think it’s great and definitely worth the purchase for the full version.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi, please help me fix those crashes - drop me a note to

Mr Misery 💀 ,

Time = Money

The track pad I was considering buying, no longer on the table. This allows me to only need my phone for my mac and other needs. As my TV remote is used for power, volume, and changing sources. I can use less and do more, gives me the freedom to be in another room on the same wifi and play music across my home from my mac. Launching apps like Netflix, or VPNs are a breeze, I can leave my mac closed and do everything as I have been before, but from the comfort of my couch, bed, or balcony. I haven’t found any problems with it besides the keyboard disabling and stopping me from typing, but that doesn’t last more than a couple seconds and I’m right back. Minor inconvenience, but no reason to drop a star. Highly grateful for this app and well worth the money. I’d rather spend a few bucks on an app than spend X amount on a trackpad that I can lose and that adds to clutter.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Cool! Thanks so much for your kind words. Recently I have fixed some bugs with keyboard - if you still seeing this problem, please drop me a note to, and let's see if I can fix it too.

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