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¡CORRE tan rápido como puedas!
¡ESQUIVA los trenes que se acercan!

¡Ayuda a Jake, Tricky y Fresh a escapar del inspector gruñón y su perro!

- ¡Acaba con los trenes con tu fabuloso equipo!
- ¡Gráficos coloridos y vívidos en HD!
- ¡Surfea en aeropatín!
- ¡Jetpack propulsado por pintura!
- ¡Acrobacias a la velocidad del rayo!
- ¡Desafía y ayuda a tus amigos!

¡Únete a la persecución más audaz de la App Store!

Una aplicación universal con gráficos HD optimizados para resolución retina.

Subway Surfers es compatible con iPhone 4s, iPod 5, iPad 2 o más recientes.

Se requiere de iOS 8 o un OS superior

Presentado por Kiloo y Sybo.


Versión 1.107.0

- Sigue al Subway Surfers World Tour hasta la hermosa Barcelona
- Explora una ciudad con mosaicos coloridos, edificios elegantes y playas bañadas de sol
- Conoce a Diego, el encantador aficionado del futbol y obten su traje Chivalry
- Cabalga a Stallion, la tabla corcel incondicional y galopa por el subterráneo
- Encuentra las guitarras españolas arriba y abajo para llevarte grandes premios de la Cacería semanal

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.6 de 5
193.3 k valoraciones

193.3 k valoraciones

Hidgdhffhgfghfhfhgfgfhgfhgfghf ,

The best game ever

Subway Surfers is the best game I have ever played in my life. First off it doesn’t make you stop playing because you don’t have any energy in the game even if you want you want to play really bad. I feel this with a couple of games like in My Talking Angela when you play and take care of her she gets tired and wants to take a nap for a few hours just like My Talking Hank and My Talking Tom. Then there is Tomb Of The Mask which when you die you lose a piece of energy which you have five of them you have to wait to get more energy.
Second off the really cool things are what you find in the game like magnets, super jump shoes, coins, mystery boxes, score boosters, jet packs, and many more.
Third there is a bunch of cool characters you can earn from mystery boxes, coins, keys, and other things. Right now I have Tricky, Jake, Lucy , Dark Jake, and a robot. It is so easy to earn new characters all the time.
Finally it is so easy to survive because of keys and hover boards because hover boards are shields and keys let you survive. Because of this I got one thousand coins and a new high score at one hundred thousand.
All of these reasons are why you should love Subway Surfers! :)

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.

TomRiddle4Lifezzz ,

Needs some improvement

One of the things I like about this game is that there are no ads. They're pop-up, not videos, so they don't disrupt your game. However, like all games, this one has some problems. My biggest issue is the top run. Every week, the contestants get harder to beat, and eventually you can't get past the last person in the silver because they have over a million. Also, if you get a really good medal, like the diamond, you don't get to keep it for the next week because it changes depending on where you are that week. Another problem is the keys. To revive yourself, you have to pay more and more each time, until it gets so expensive that you can't even afford it. The only way to get keys is in the run, in mystery boxes, or in awards, which is a huge problem because: you only find a key in a run about every eighteen games or so, and if you miss it, then you don't have a chance to get another one. It is extremely rare to get a key in a mystery box, and when you do, it's only one, which can't even begin to pay for the expenses of reviving yourself. It takes a long time to earn a reward, which only gives you three keys, five if you're lucky. So overall, this game is pretty good, but it could use some improvements.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,


We've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

Ms.Zuzu ,

Subway surfers

This game is a great game to pass the time and can get addictive to it I mean wow 😱. I like that the background changes and how you can get keys to save your life too. And the score board that you can look on like if you haven’t played in months then ya your probably at the very bottom. But like if you play once and your good then you can land yourself in bronze!!!!!! A couple things that could be changed is when you get on the game we’re the boy is painting the train and to want to start an ad pops up!?! And I think it’s meaning to do that so you press the ad but if y’all don’t change that for the other people then don’t press it right away let the ad come up and then press the ( x) Also like when a new character comes along it’s like 100,00 coins?!?! Like how am I suppose to get that much without paying $2.99 in the world but in app price it’s quite pricey!! And with the mystery box’s it’s always 1 out of a thousand percent gonna be one of those things that gets you closer to unlocking a new character well I’ve played this game for about 3 to 4 years and I’ve NEveR unlocked them still popping up with mystery boxes it’s ReALly annoying too. There are quite a lot of things you app people need to fix on this QUITE A LoT. Fixes this things and it will be AwESOme even moooooorrrrreeee 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.


222.8 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Inglés, Portugués

Clasificación 9+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía infrecuente/moderada
© Kiloo & Sybo 2012 - 2019
Compras dentro de la app
  1. 7,500 Coins $0.99
  2. 25 Keys $4.99
  3. 45,000 Coins $4.99


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