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Le monde est envahi par les démons et il n’y a qu’une seule poule capable de les en empêcher. Comment? En les écrasant tête la première. Pourquoi? Je ne suis pas sûr.

Super Fowlst est un jeu d'action sur l'esquive de balles, l'écrasement de monstres et la récupération de butin. Il y a de nombreuses étapes à conquérir, d’énormes boss à vaincre et toutes sortes de gadgets avec lesquels interagir. Échangez votre trésor contre des pouvoirs géniaux comme des bombes à œufs et des roquettes pour pouvoir vraiment montrer à ces démons qui est le patron!

- Nombre illimité d'étapes générées procéduralement qui sont différentes à chaque fois que vous jouez.
- Commandes simples: touchez le côté gauche de l'écran pour sauter à gauche, le côté droit pour sauter à droite, balayez vers le haut pour utiliser l'élément que vous tenez.
- Coupez les démons en deux!
- Utilisez des scies! Turbines! Tubes! Stalactites! Flippers! D'autres choses!
- Des boss énormes!
- Les têtes de deux chiens tenues ensemble par des fantômes!
- Échangez votre butin contre de puissantes améliorations.
- De grosses explosions!
- 20 personnages à débloquer!
- Des secrets!
- Lancez des roquettes avec votre derrière!
- Super Volaille!
- C'est très bien!


Version 1.41

- Réduction du nombre d'annonces
- Corrections de bugs

Notes et avis

4.5 sur 5
1.9 k notes

1.9 k notes

MJmusicfreak ,

Super fun but hard

This game is totally awesome! I've never found an area that was the same as the last! Ads aren't popping up in your face at all and it's so satisfying to destroy the red dudes in every way possible. I only have 2 complaints.
The first one is that when you lose hearts (you only have three), it takes a MIRACLE to get them back. Even if I smash every single crate in the area, finding something to replenish my health is extremely rare, so I die too easily. With how perilous some areas are (springs that send you helplessly bouncing off the walls combined with fire spots on the same walls within beating just a few levels), it becomes really frustrating to die so quickly and start over so many times. I try to watch an ad for a heart when I die but for me the ads don't load and the game freezes so I have to restart the app.
My second complaint is, no matter how hard I try, I CANNOT beat the boss in area 9! Supposedly there are bosses further on, but I can't get past that one area! The boss is always huge, extremely fast, and disappears off the screen WHILE FIRING AT YOU!! Area 9 is so big that when the boss flies out of view, you NEVER know where it's gonna attack from next! If you want us to be able to enjoy the game and reach more levels, why make the very first boss be so hard? This game is addicting but since I can't get any further than the first boss, I'm feeling myself slowly lose interest.

Human-person ,

A great game

Super Fowlst is probably the best game I have played on the App Store, and there are only a few problems.
New players are cut off after only a few minutes of gameplay for hours, and the only way to fix this is to buy a subscription. Very irritating when you want to kill time.
It was also very hard to get into because when you run into the first boss, it is very difficult at the stage you are in, and when you finally reach the stage that you had fought the boss in a second time, it might not be there. That combined with the already difficult-ish gameplay is annoying to a new player.
But throwing this aside, Super Fowlst is a great game. It’s quality and feel is crazy compared to other apps, and over all, it is very, VERY fun.

Drew july ,

A Gem Among the Garbage

I just played this for almost two hours straight after downloading it, and I think I’m in love. At its heart it’s a roguelite with some persistent upgrades. Not too groundbreaking in that regard, sure, but the emergent gameplay opportunities that come from the randomly-generated levels make for some very fun and unexpected moments. Enemies can be dispatched however you see fit, like being blown up or lured into shooting one another. The art design is adorable and manages to capture that retro feel without being too obnoxiously pixelated like a lot of games these days. The playable characters, while they provide no gameplay benefits, are also unique and varied in their appearance, and there is a good cast of them. In addition to all this, the cherry on top is that there are no forced ads. You are given the opportunity watch them for bonuses, or you pay a one-time fee of $5 to permanently get said bonuses without watching any ads. My one complaint is that the music gets a little repetitive, but you could always just turn on your own music instead.

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