Retro Gaming Reimagined

Smash bricks for high scores

Long for gaming’s good old days? They’re alive and kicking on the App Store. Check out these fan faves that have been revamped with a new, modern spin.

Toss the blue shell to get to the front of the pack.

Road royalty

Mario may be the star, but his powersliding pals steal the show in Mario Kart Tour. It’s all here: drifting, item boxes, karts, gliders, and classic tracks like Rainbow Road! Just watch out for those pesky blue shells.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Race around the world!

Fill your Pokédex for more experience.

Catch ’em all

Pokémon have been around for decades, but they’ve never gotten you moving like in Pokémon GO. With a steady stream of awesome updates and hundreds of iconic creatures to catch as you wander the real world, Niantic’s groundbreaking hit keeps evolving in all the right ways.

    Pokémon GO

    Epic AR adventure & online RPG

Pack in the pellets and try to stay alive.

Gobble ghosts

Gaming icon Pac-Man is more than the cherry-chomping yellow circle of yesteryear. In the iOS version, there are dozens of new, fiendishly tricky mazes to unlock as you dodge danger in cool modes like Pac-Missions and Tournaments.


    8Bit Retro Classic Arcade Game

Get ready to bend the rules.

Go solo

You’ve never played solitaire quite like this. In game design guru Zach Gage’s Flipflop Solitaire, line up cards in sequential order—or reverse your plays. Live a little and drop that annoying seven of hearts beneath the six!

    Flipflop Solitaire

    A new solitaire by Zach Gage

Aim well to topple these towers.

Break out of the ordinary

Micro Breaker brings a new dimension to the ball-and-paddle brick-breaker. Forget flat bricks—you now smash stacks of 3D cubes while juggling power-ups and field effects. Look out for sudden gravity shifts and multi-ball blitzes!

    Micro Breaker

    Smash Bricks in 3D!