Drambo is an innovative modular groovebox and audio processing environment. Modular components are used to build synthesized and sample based instruments or audio effects using high-quality DSP and audio-rate modulation. Tied to a powerful sequencer, it’s an optimal music creation tool for sound design, composition, performance and experimentation.

At the heart of Drambo lies an entirely new concept that makes modular creations easy, fun and affordable. Modules are connected automatically, with no cables as you add or rearrange them. A dynamic interface creates modulation knobs when you need them. Modules may house other modules, so you can keep your patch well organized. Of course, automatic connections can be overridden. In Drambo you can focus on playing with sound and signal structure without getting lost in wires.

Use a deep and innovative sequencer to compose patterns and whole tracks, for production or live performance. Go beyond simple looping sequences with parameter locking, conditional step components, and powerful scene morphing. Drambo works equally well as a self-contained standalone app or audio unit plugin with audio and MIDI connectivity as an AUV3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI effect. No modular experience necessary to get started playing with preset sounds and effects.

You can use Drambo as

• A complete music production and performance environment

• Endless modular playground, that allows you to build, modify and store custom instruments and effects. For instance: build a custom synth, sample and resample, build a Theremin using a gyroscope module, or turn your table into a playable surface, by processing microphone input with physical modelling modules. Get weird or make functional instruments and tools.

• MIDI sequencer, that works with hardware and AUv3 instruments (e.g. Drambo sequences other instruments in an AU host app). Moreover Drambo can generate custom MIDI CC messages or modulation signals to control modular synths via DC coupled interfaces.

• AUv3 synthesizer, effect or sequencer in other DAWs.


• Polyphonic, stereo processing and audio-rate modulation. All signals are equal. Up to 8 voices per modular instrument rack.

• Unique modular concept: cable-less, drag'n'drop, color coding dynamic interface, automatic connections, and customizable compact, rack views.

• Directional flow makes Drambo routing and patching straightforward. Signal flows only left to right, so there are no instant feedback routings in Drambo. Delayed feedback is possible using certain modules.

• Simple and clean interface, that scales to every size and device orientation

• Custom modular racks that can be nested, with presets at the track, rack, and module level.

• Multiple modulators per parameter without additional mixer modules.

• 16-track, polyphonic step sequencer with parameter locks and step components.

• Over 120 modules available, such as: oscillators, samplers, physical modelling modules, LFOs, envelope generators, filters, audio effects, mixers, MIDI processors, sequencers and math functions.

• Morph groups: you can morph many parameters using a single slider.

• Available as a standalone app, AUv3 instrument, effect and midi effect.

• MIDI and MPE support

Drambo is an open-ended app. This is just the beginning. Many modules and exciting updates are planned.

With Drambo, you are in charge. Create the music from your vision to reality.

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What’s New

Version 1.10

- Added MIDI learn feature
- Added MIDI rack module
- Added project templates
- Section modules are foldable now
- Slew limiter knobs are modulatable now
- CV sequencer modules: added extended view editor
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

mijjel ,

Already My Favorite App

All right, so maybe some people are going to think it’s too early to throw around the f-word. But honestly, I think this app is on par with Ableton in terms of being the sort of software I’d actually want to use live. It can legit hold its own next to hardware synths.

And that sequencer. It’s a real blast. I mean, it’s even fun to use it on iPhone... iPhone! It does something that I’ve wanted for a while but never really expected to get: a reliable composition/performance tool that I can carry with me everywhere but still use in the finished song. I can actually sketch out a song on break or something and then go home and continue to work on that idea. And I won’t just abandon the original patch because I have better options on my desk or computer.

So yeah. This app is no joke. This is kinda the most fun I’ve had making music on my phone. And of course the iPad version is no slouch.

Dj Ed Nine ,

What I have been waiting for and more!

Many groove box apps have been developed but are always missing something. Drambo has EVERYTHING I am looking for in a iOS groove box. Still A tad limited on some parts but I’m not complaining. I have also been looking for a basic auv3 sampler for nanostudio 2 where I can Browse files, import folders, preview sounds, load, and start jamming. There are some great choices as to what type of sampler you would like to use With Drambo loaded up. I am also a fan of synthesized drum machines. Not enough auv3 apps for synthesized drum sounds. Drambo covers that. Effect only module in auv3 host? No problem. Midi sequencer? Drambo got it. Did i mention P-Locks? iCloud storage? Modular routing? Drambo can act as an auv3 plug-in for whatever you want on top of being standalone. iElectribe, gadget, and all the other groove box apps need to take notes. This app is BRILLIANT! Can’t wait for further development.

Riddimk ,

Just amazing

I have long been a user and lover of Groove Rider GR-16 by Jim Audio. It’s a nearly perfect app in the way that it captures the electribe/Digitakt groovebox workflow and even allows for features those two don’t have. For a long time it reigned supreme in my eyes.

Then along comes Drambo, taking the step sequencer groovebox concept to the next level. The synths and oscillators sound incredible and in fact the overall audio output of this thing is super clean and professional. The modular playground is very deep (probably way deeper than I will ever need) and I love that you can effect audio with the modules.

For me, the ability to sample, slice and sequence stereo samples is where it’s at. The addition of true elektron style p-locks is very welcome and I am so happy to see a developer bring in the cross-fader idea from the octatrack.

O, and it’s auv3 ready, which means anything I make is easy to get into GarageBand and by extension into Logic Pro.

Overall, Drambo is many of the best ideas from modern groovebox and modular systems rolled into a very solid and relatively intuitive package. Highly recommend but only if you’re willing to dig into sound design and enjoy working with lots of different tools for generating electronic music. It might put you off if your preference is a ready-to-use in 2 minutes kind of instrument.


Jaroslaw Jacek
46.7 MB

Requires iOS 11.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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