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The King’s Secret


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New legends and a new hero in "Heart of Ice."

This epic fantasy adventure takes you to a fantastic kingdom full of magical creatures and brave heroes.

Play a warrior, sorceress, dwarf or archer, and defend the king’s castle! Pass difficult trials, defeat determined opponents and protect the land from a dark secret.

Guide your group of heroes through twelve exciting legends in which new, challenging opponents and old companions await you. Choose your strategy carefully—you have only a limited number of moves to complete your quests. You can guide any legend to a successful resolution in several ways if you use your characters and their abilities to your best advantage.

Delve deeper than ever before into the mystical past of the legendary kingdom and discover a previously unknown story of Andor that takes your heroes into inhospitable and dangerous realms beyond Rietland.

Play the award-winning board game solo and take your group of heroes on exciting adventures anywhere, anytime. The Legends of Andor: The King’s Secret provides an easy introduction with simple rules and an extensive tutorial, and offers Andor fans and beginners alike a challenging gaming experience.

An icy threat awaits you in the expansion "Heart of Ice": Protect Andor from a frosty danger along with the fire warrior Trieest in three additional challenging legends!

The land of Andor needs your help! Can you fight off the threat from the south?

• Exciting fantasy adventure
• Single-player game
• Epic Andor legends that you don't know from the board game
• Familiar heroes, old companions, new adversaries
• Discover Andor’s past
• Straightforward rules and tutorial
• No Andor experience necessary to play
• Based on the board game The Legends of Andor from KOSMOS (awarded “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2013”)
• Can be played in German, English, French, Spanish

Financially supported by FFF Bayern.

Questions or suggestions:
Mail to support@andorgame.com
We are looking forward to your feedback!

News and updates: www.andorgame.de, www.facebook.com/AndorGame


Version 1.2

Greetings, Andori! Three previously unknown, frosty legends await you and your new hero in the "Heart of Ice" expansion. Have you defeated the "Eternal Frost"? Then find out now how the story of Andor continues afterwards.
Of course, the game has been further optimized and improved so that you can fully concentrate on your adventures in Andor.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.5 von 5
362 Bewertungen

362 Bewertungen

biscuit302 ,

Faithful board game - crash free

My initial review rightfully blasted the game publishers for releasing a buggy game that crashed relentlessly. Happily, all issues seem to be resolved. So, let’s talk about the game itself.

Simply stated, it’s a fun game. The graphics are simple and clean, yet effective. The music and sound effects are appropriate and, although repetitive, they never annoy. More importantly, the gameplay is solid as it utilizes both familiar mechanics and original ones. The challenge, as a whole, is fair as it steadily inclines as the game progresses. My one complaint, and depending on the player this could be significant, is that the game is less of a role playing board game and is more of a puzzle/strategy game. And, unfortunately, it depends a bit too much on a trial and error mechanic.

Worth the five bucks.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi biscuit302,

Thanks a lot for updating your review!

DZ6542246677844 ,

Excellent game - plays just like the board game... but with more content!

Andor as a board game was... well, different... to wrap my head around, and the app version plays exactly like the physical game. It isn’t a hack-and-slash, attack everything kind of game - you have to carefully consider when to attack enemies and when to let them attack your castle (or similar... based on scenario). Also, even though you’re always tempted to “divide an conquer” the multiple quest objectives, your characters have to stick together whenever possible (at least in pairs) if you want any chance of beating enemies stronger than the basic Gor (and even a Gor has the ability to beat a single hero... so teaming up on them is often a good idea too).
The digital version of the game is - of course - beautiful. And I really like the additional maps and scenarios (at least “additional” to the base physical game I purchased years ago).

Only real complaint... sometimes the lack of an undo button is frustrating when I click something by accident... but that’s a minor complaint for such an enjoyable game.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi DZ6542246677844, thank you very much for the detailed feedback! We are aware that many players request to have an 'undo' button added to the game. We'll think about it.

Grammerooni ,

Great game

I love this game. I own the table top version and was excited to see it available for iOS. This app version was easy for me to learn and I was playing right away. I'm not sure how complicated it would feel for a new player. For example not every rule is explained in the tutorial or first campaign. However things the game is designed to start off relatively easy and ramp up from there. If you like strategic board games, this is for you. Expect a little up front rule learning. So far the story line it's exactly like I remember from the physical game. You can adjust difficulty level though in case you have played before. I haven't played enough to know if the iOS version has the same randomness built in to the ai as the physical board game (for example placement of certain things on the board based on dice rolls). This randomness is what gives the game replayability. So far I'm really happy with this version. Recommended!


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