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ProDex is the Pokédex that accompanies you in Pokémon games, from versions Red and Blue to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch! Pokémon, moves, TM's, items, locations and abilities are no longer secrets to you, and the advanced team builder will prepare you for the most epic battles.

Enjoy useful features:
- Team Builder
- Checklists
- Dark Mode
- Advanced type chart
- Quick descriptions
- Powerful filters
- And a lot more

Access to information on:
- Pokémon
- Capture
- Evolutions
- Moves
- TM's
- Abilities
- Natures
- Items
- Locations
- Move tutors

This app is an unofficial app and is NOT affiliated, endorsed or supported by Nintendo, GAME FREAK or The Pokémon company in any way. Some images used in this app are copyrighted and are supported under fair use.

Some images used in this app are copyrighted and belong to Nintendo, GAME FREAK or The Pokémon Company. They are used in this app in accordance with the laws of Fair Use, for the United States of America, or of the intellectual property code, for France. Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo. No copyright infringement intended. Pokémon © 2002-2018 Pokémon. © 1995-2018 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Terms of Use (EULA):


Version 17.13

New in this version:
- A bug with in the checklist section that prevents from displaying the checklist modification view in large lists has been fixed.
- A bug with teams that prevents from deleting a Pokémon without crashing when the strategic tool section is active has been fixed.
- A bug in the National Dex that displays the wrong move category on old gens on Pokémon sheet has been fixed.
- A bug with the stats calculation for level 50 that gives an extra point in some cases has been fixed.
- Some data and images have been fixed and/or updated.

Notes et avis

4,2 sur 5
1,8 k notes

1,8 k notes

VKStarfox ,

Incredible App but still needs tweaks.

My rating is more like a 4.5/5, because this app is truly amazing. The UI is great, intuitive and really fun to navigate and explore, and is constantly being updated the dev(s). I’ve been using this app for the better part of a year now, and being able to look up pertinent info on Mons such as their in-game location, movepools, items, and even create checklists and build teams for each game is amazing.

There is a slight issue, however, that I’ve been experiencing since Sca/Vio. When looking up a Pokémon and going over into its “Moves” section, once you scroll down into its learn set by TM and breeding, tapping on a move does not bring the description window for the move. It does perfect fine when you tap on move in it’s level up learnset, but anything past that and the app just does nothing.

This causes me to have back all the way to the begging page and lookup moves in a different section of the app, which takes me out of the Pokédex and the Pokémon in particular I was looking up. It’s not a MAJOR issue, but this does break the flow of the app for me a bit, especially since this wasn’t a common occurrence before the recent updates. So here’s to hoping the devs can recognize and fix this issue. Otherwise, I’m having a fantastic time using the app and always look forward to future updates.

Réponse du développeur ,

Great news: a national dex is now available! Test it and let us know if you like it! Thanks

Noodle chu ,

Amazing app! Super helpful

This app is so convenient and has so many filters and data sections and descriptions it’s insane. Very well organized and can even sort by generation. Honestly premium version is extremely worth it. Every time new games come out as well it’s updated pretty quick with small updates following the days of a new release, and you can even look up moves and what Pokémon in a certain generation can learn it by level up or breeding. More and more features get added and it’s a very smart download
Only reasoning for no five stars is that there used to be a feature where on the moves section of a certain dex entry you were able to press on a certain move and it would take you to the part of the app where it gives a detailed description of the moves and it’s effects and everything like that. A button press is still registered but it no longer takes you to the description of the move and it’s a very long process to exit out of the move menu, the dex entry, and back to the main menu to go into the moves dex and search for the move there. A very high convenience tool and it hasn’t worked properly for a while, hopefully it is fixed soon

BrocodileDundee ,

Best Dex A Trainer Could Ask For

Let me start out by saying that I’m currently 27, and throughout all my years of playing, nothing comes close to the ProDex when it comes to keeping you on your toes and ready to battle with the best Pokémon information there is! I use this app, mostly with Pokémon scarlet, but the app works with every Pokémon game there is. It comes in clutch when you’re in a battle and you don’t know the right type to use for your opponent. If you’re young and don’t have types memorized yet, this app will give you your opponents weaknesses and strengths. You just going to your Pokédex click on the Pokémon that they’re using, and it’s right below the Pokémon. You can create checklists for Pokémon that you’re looking for or Pokémon you have. You can look up every item that’s in the game and the App will tell you what it’s used for. Whenever I play Pokémon, this app is always open. This is my first ever app review. I’ve never thought about or wanted to write a review for any app that I’ve ever had, but I feel like it was necessary to write one for this app, because people need to know about it. If you don’t believe me, just look for yourself. I always recommend this app to anybody that I know or meet that plays Pokémon.

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