The wall in front of me starts to shake and hurtles towards me….I’m dead!
Spike holes are underfoot it’s already too late …I’m dead!
I take my last breath as the slime creature engulfs me….I’m dead!

Like always I’m brought back to try again….is someone helping me or do they just really want me to hurt?

Enter the world of Redungeon!

• Endless, random, increasingly difficult dungeons.
• Dozens of complex traps carefully designed to stop you.
• Unlockable characters, each with unique game-changing skills!
• Great music by Dave Cowen, the composer behind Leap Day and Rust Bucket.
• Lots of angry, colourful pixels (and a few friendly ones).
• Swipe controls or on-screen buttons.

Important information:
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other Nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In-App Purchase.


Versie 4.6

Redungeon is back with even more content!
- Tons of New level modules (50+)
- Privacy policy updates
- Minor fixes

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.5 van 5
1K beoordelingen

1K beoordelingen

Cadethefrogger ,

Green ninja character idea

Just a little idea for a green ninja frog character. The character costs 10,000, and it has 5 upgrade stars. When you buy him, he starts off with the ability frog skin. Frog skin absorbs slimes. When you buy the next upgrade, which is 1,500, the ability is upgraded so that after you absorb 4 slimes, you will be saved from jumping off the edge once, then you need more slimes. The animation for the save is the same for when slime blocks don't let you jump in the game green ninja. The next upgrade is 2000, and its a charge ability, that takes 10 seconds to recharge, and with it, you chop the block in front of you, breaking any trap, and killing enemies. The next upgrade, if you let your ability charge for 30 seconds instead of ten, you launch forward, and kill any trap or enemy you end up hitting. The only way to stop going forward, is to hit something, or the slime saves you, or you die. The last upgrade is called ninja instinct, where you are unable to be effected by the green, gold, and purple wisps, and any arrow from a crossbow that comes at you, is reflected with a chop. I really hope you use this idea. You can tinker with it all you want, but I just really hope you use it. Thanks for reading this. I hope that I can see the green ninja character sometime soon! :D

Small jimmy boy ,

Easily the best nitrome game so far

I am a fan of games with pixel style so when I figured out about nitrome I was pretty excited. I’ve played nearly all of the games. When I originally got this one I thought it was fun but not anything amazing. I played it for a little while and eventually unlocked a few other characters. This is when I realized how cool this game was. All of the different characters had quite unique abilities. When you get bored instead of just closing the app and doing a different game you can pick another person who will completely change your experience. I like how all of the characters when maxed out are almost about equal in strength. I have spent hours grinding on this game just to upgrade a few characters. I hope that they add some other people to play as soon though because everyone who plays this game will eventually run out of things to upgrade. At first it’s really satisfying, but it gets old pretty quickly. Overall this is easily a five star game and a really great experience.

HalloweenIan ,

One of the best

This game is honestly one of the best games I’ve played. I first downloaded this game a few years ago and beat it (unlocked everything) about 3 months later. The process of unlocking everything was fun as I got to try new characters and their abilities without spending a single dime! I have now reinstalled it onto my new phone and picked it up again. It’s just as fun as I remember! Thanks to the devs at Nitrome for updating the game and adding new elements, new traps and scary new monsters. The pressure is real every time I enter the dungeon and I love it. Everything about this game is adorable and feels so genuine. From and animations being unique for each character to certain interactions for different monsters and characters, the game has had a lot of time and effort poured into it. It’s amazing, you should download it


89.4 MB

Vereist iOS 8.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


Duits, Engels, Frans, Oekraïens, Pools, Portugees, Russisch, Spaans

Regelmatig/Intens animatiegeweld of fictief geweld
In-app aankopen
  1. Big Chest of Coins US$ 3,99
  2. Remove ads, video ads, and all Nitrome promotion popups. US$ 3,99
  3. Medium Chest of Coins US$ 2,99


  • Game Center

    Daag vrienden uit en bekijk ranglijsten en achievements.

  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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