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Shazam for Mac takes your music discovery to a whole new level. Name any song in seconds without ever digging your phone out of your pocket!

* Shazam with one click straight from the menu bar
* Access lyrics & music videos, or listen in Apple Music
* Shazam in style with Dark Mode
* Keep track of all your past discoveries

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Version 2.11

Thanks for Shazaming! We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the most recent version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.

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3,7 sur 5
381 notes

381 notes

BeccaKiblin_ ,

Go back to full autoshazam

I downloaded this app so i can know every song playing at almost any time. With the new app, you have to manually click it and it only shazams the current song. Much preferred when it listened to every song it could catch. Love the redesign, but consider going back to autoshazam please.

ishboyfay ,

Unfriendly to classical music fans

As a classical music fan, I find this a frustrating app. They've gone to the trouble of putting thousands of classical recordings into their database, and the app is frequently successful in identifying relatively obscure items. The problem is that they haven't bothered to think about how to present the identification. Here's my latest example: I turned on the radio in midstream of what was clearly a piano quartet or quintet. It was obviously 19th-century French music, and I suspected — from a similarity to a piano trio I knew — that the composer was Fauré. From tempo etc. it seemed we were in the final movement. What I wanted to know — what a classical music fan typically wants to know — was the composer and the name of the overall 4-movement composition. After a couple of tries, Shazam succeeded, telling me that the piece was 4. Allegro Molto, performed by the Beaux Arts Trio & Lawrence Dutton. That was Interesting, but you see what's missing: precisely the two pieces of information I wanted. Now, of course, I could use this information to identify the piece by Googling, or I could just wait to the end and hear what the announcer says. I conclude, however, that Shazam is not interested in the classical music niche audience. They could easily fix this issue. How about a button for "more information"?

decisivemoment ,

Notched MacBook Pro serious issues

Shazam, supposedly an Apple-friendly app, can fail to request microphone access and is consequently useless, as it's not possible in the Mac OS to manually add to the System Preferences. The problem? Not only does the icon get hidden behind the notch on the new MBP laptops if you've more than even a small number of add-ons here, but when you attempt to open the app, it fails to request microphone access. And the system-level scaling feature to workaround the notch doesn't seem to work. Not sure if this is more for the developer or for Apple to deal with but it is highly problematic. What you have to do is close out of everything else with menubar items to bring the Shazam icon into the picture, and then click on it, and only then will it even request microphone access in System Preferences. Simply bizarre.

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