Change Your Favorite App’s Icon

Some apps let you customize their home-screen icons. Tap to learn how.

Ever wish you could swap the icons of your go-to apps for something just a bit Hundreds of apps let you do just that, although the feature is often hard to find. (You usually have to dig around the app’s settings menu.) Whether you want to pick a custom color scheme for a more harmonious home screen or are looking to revamp the icon’s design entirely, it’s all within your reach. Hundreds of apps offer this feature; here are a few favorites.

Smile whatever the weather

Carrot Weather is hands down the sassiest way to get your local forecast. (“Worst. Clouds. Ever,” the app might deadpan.) Not surprisingly, it offers a range of hilariously named custom icons, including Purple Rain and the very colorful Unicorn Barf. Pick one of the 20-plus options by tapping Settings > iPhone > App Icon.

Carrot Weather’s icons range from subtle to the stormy.

    CARROT Weather

    The crazy-powerful weather app


Work on your workouts

‣ Need a bit more motivation to tap into your fitness app? (Every little bit counts.) Streaks Workout lets you choose one of six exercises—like pushups, squats, or crunches—to appear as its icon. Pick the one you find most energizing, along with an invigorating background color. You can make your selection by tapping Settings > App Icon.

Streaks Workout lets you pick a color and exercise for its icon.

    Streaks Workout

    For all fitness levels


Sum it up

‣ Who says calculators need to be boring? In addition to offering a hidden AR game, this highly customizable (and advanced) scientific calculator provides an especially extensive range of app icons, with 40 choose from. Your options include the retro-style 1992 and artistic interpretations such as Lanham. Find them by tapping i > App Icon.

Not the icons you were expecting from a calculator app? PCalc goes all the way.


    The Best Calculator


Get a makeover

‣ Take a selfie and Emoji Me Face Maker will create an emoji in your likeness. Although you can’t use your face as an app icon, you can give the icon a makeover of its own. Tap More > Change App Icon to pick a fun face from the 10 available.

Although you can’t create your own icon from scratch, Emoji Me Face Maker offers plenty of preset faces to choose from.

    Emoji Me Animated Faces

    Make emojis look like you


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