Be a Better Bridesmaid

The bridal party has a big job. These apps make it easier.

It’s official—you’re a bridesmaid! You’ve accepted your friend’s offer. You’ve both stopped screaming and crying (scrying?). And you’ve realized...that you have no idea what a bridesmaid actually does, let alone how to do it efficiently.

Sure, you’ll need to buy a coordinating outfit and probably throw a party or two, but there’s more to the role—often a lot more. To stay organized and on budget with the other maids (and men), get the entire crew to download these apps.

Upgrade your communication

Group text messages are great, but they can become unwieldy. Keep everything in one place with GroupMe. The app organizes all communications, photos, GIFs, and links into one easy-to-follow thread. Also use it to create separate groups for individual events, such as a shower or bachelorette party.

Keep all your conversations, polls, and plans in one place with GroupMe.

For individual assignments like buying decorations or ordering fancy cupcakes, try the super-easy task manager Todoist. Use its Quick Add feature to create a task, then set a due date, attach a label, and designate a priority level, or delegate it to another member of #teambride.


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    Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

    Reminders, day planner & habit


Spend with intention

Weddings are gorgeous and meaningful and expensive. Let Splitwise keep a running tab of all the shared costs so you can divvy them up fairly.

If one bridesmaid is in charge of matching accessories and another is grabbing the snacks, both can enter their purchases in Splitwise and let the app calculate who owes what.

Take care of IOUs and group purchases quickly with Venmo.

To quickly settle up, use Venmo, which connects to your bank account and sends payments back and forth (without fees) in days. Cash paid to you is held in your Venmo account, but it’s easy to transfer to your bank well before the credit card bill is due.


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Practice your speech (then practice again)

Even if you’re not the maid of honor, you may be called upon to say a few words. Natural-born performers work just fine off the cuff. For the rest of us, there’s Astound.

The app offers a voice coach that helps with talking speed, articulation, volume, and pitch. It also suggests breathing exercises and mouth stretches (no, really) that will help you get nice and centered before you grab the mic.

Use the Grammarly keyboard to check your spelling and more before your send.

To add extra polish to your speech (and any other communication you send as part of your bridal-party duties), let Grammarly be your editor. The keyboard app contextually looks over your grammar and usage (along with spelling and punctuation)—smart things to double-check before you speak in front of 200 people.

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    Grammarly Keyboard

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