’Tis the Season to Be Streaming

Get in the holiday spirit with these festive videos.

It’s a Wonderful Life (Amazon Prime)
‣ Introduce the next generation to this holiday classic about miraculous do-overs, wayward angels, and the effects our good deeds can have on others. This season, the film is streaming for the first time ever. Now that’s pretty wonderful indeed.

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Home Alone (Starz)
‣ Looking back, there’s only one explanation for how Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), the hero of Home Alone, managed to survive the days he spent abandoned in his house: The kid was an outright genius. When Kevin’s Paris-bound family accidentally leaves him behind, Kevin must outsmart two (admittedly bumbling) thieves with one elaborate scheme after the next. Home Alone only gets better with each viewing—a real holiday miracle.




Bad Mom’s Christmas (Showtime)
‣ This raunchy comedy celebrates the harried, exhausted heroes behind the Christmas magic: parents. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn play three suburban moms whose season is complicated by their own mothers’ unexpected arrivals. Bad Mom’s Christmas is a cathartic must-watch for parents, or anyone else making the holidays happen.

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Christmas in Conway (Hallmark)
‣ If you’re looking for a holiday tearjerker, Christmas in Conway is it. Duncan Mayor (Andy Garcia) may be a notorious grump, but he’s set on planning the perfect Christmas for his wife (Mary Louise Parker) because it may be her last. Mandy Moore also stars in this tale of grand gestures and true love in a quirky small town.

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Deck the Halls (Hulu)
‣ 'Tis the season to be jolly—and, if you’re one of the two warring neighbors in Deck the Halls, intensely competitive. In this comedy, Matthew Broderick plays a suburban man who takes the Christmas season very seriously. Danny DeVito is his new neighbor, determined to outdo him. So begins a memorable game of holiday one-upmanship.

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Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas (HBO):
‣ In this hour-long Christmas special, Elmo learns the surprising history of Sesame Street. Decades ago, it was so glum that Santa Claus would skip it on his annual trip entirely. As with all things Sesame Street, this special will charm kids and adults alike.

Jack Frost (HBO)
‣ The Christmas miracle of this ’90s classic comes in the form of a talking snowman imbued with the spirit of a recently departed rock star. A year after his car fatally swerved off a road, Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) finds himself reincarnated as a snowman in his son Charlie’s (Joseph Cross) backyard. In this strange state, Jack has a chance to experience the father-son bonding he had always pushed aside. Jack Frost is further proof that Christmas movies don’t need to make sense for them to be wonderful.

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