Sticking to Structure

Structured’s developer Leo Mehlig helps you plan your day.

Structured - Daily Planner

Visual Calendar & To-Do List


How’s your day looking? Work calls, family commitments, time to focus on you—sometimes it’s a miracle that we get anything done. Structured can lighten the load when it comes to planning. Part calendar, part to-do list, it pulls together your day into one neat space, where you can see at a glance what upcoming tasks, events, and meetings are lined up for you.

We spoke to its developer Leo Mehlig about how the app is making a meaningful impact in people’s day-to-day lives, and his own balancing act when it comes to work and his studies.

Intelligent Day Planning

Structured is all about making the most out of your day, showing you clearly what’s coming up and keeping you on track to meet your goals.

If there’s one person who definitely benefits from Structured’s organized, visual approach to planning, it’s Mehlig himself. Besides his work on the app, he’s also studying for a degree in computer science. Even on a packed day, Structured will suggest ways to use any free time between work and study—although it’s probably safe to assume Mehlig puts a lot of his free time back into developing the app!

I don’t worry about anything but one task at that time.

—Leo Mehlig, founder of Structured

Minimalist Design, More Focus

When you’re developing an app by yourself, user feedback becomes an essential source of insight for enhancements and new functionalities, and this is certainly true for Mehlig. Many of the updates he’s made to Structured have come from what users have said about the app.

One piece of feedback in particular sticks out in his mind. An Autistic user wrote to Mehlig to express gratitude for the difference Structured was making in their life. The minimalism of the app is also its strength when it comes to meeting the needs of Autistic users: by showing them exactly how much time is scheduled for a task and what’s up next, it reduces distractions.

Feedback from Autistic people or those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is particularly important for Mehlig, as it improves the app for everyone.

Exploring the Art of Timeboxing

Mehlig knows there’s still a lot of work ahead of him. He wants to improve the design of the calendar and work on a view that only shows the task you’re working on. “This timeboxing [a set amount of time allocated to one task] is very important,” he says. “I don’t worry about anything but one task at that time.”

The future of Structured, and consequently the ability of its users to plan and manage their time efficiently, is in extremely capable hands thanks to Mehlig—his app is making not only himself more productive, but also users around the world. Here’s to a more structured day.

    Structured - Daily Planner

    Visual Calendar & To-Do List


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