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El Tether de TP-Link otorga la manera más sencilla de acceder y gestionar tu Router/ Módem xDSL/ Extensor de Cobertura Wi-Fi TP-Link con tus dispositivos móviles. Desde la configuración rápida a los controles parentales, Tether proporciona un interfaz de usuario sencillo e intuitivo para ver el estado de tus dispositivos, dispositivos cliente conectados y sus privilegios.

- Configuración de SSID, contraseña e Internet o ajustes VDSL/ADSL de tus dispositivos
- Bloquear usuarios no autorizados que estén accediendo a tus dispositivos
- Gestionar permisos de dispositivos cliente
- Función de control parental con programación y gestión del acceso a Internet basado en URL
- Encontrar la major ubicación para colocar tu Extensor de Cobertura Wi-Fi
- Apagar automáticamente los LEDs a una hora determinada
- Gestionar la mayoría de los dispositivos TP-Link simultáneamente

Routers Compatibles (versiones de hardware listadas arriba)
AD7200 V1
Archer C5400 V1
Archer C3200 V1
Archer C3150 V1
Archer C2600 V1
Archer C2300 V1
Archer A2300 V1
Archer C1900 V1
Archer C9 V1
Archer C8 V1
Archer C7 V1
Archer C1200 V1
Archer C60 V1
Archer C59 V1
Archer C58 V1
Archer C55 V1
Archer C50 V1
Archer C2 V1
Archer C900 V1
Archer C25 V1
Archer C20 V1
Archer C20i V1
TL-WDR4300 V1
TL-WDR3600 V1
TL-WDR3500 V1
TL-WR1045ND V2
TL-WR1043ND V3
TL-WR1043N V5
TL-WR945N V1
TL-WR942N V1
TL-WR940N V2
TL-WR845N V1
TL-WR842N V3
TL-WR841N V9
TL-WR840N V2
TL-WR802N V4
TL-WR740N V5

Módems XDSL Compatibles (versiones de hardware listadas arriba)
Archer VR2800v V1
Archer VR2800 V1
Archer VR2600v V1
Archer VR2600 V1
Archer VR900v V1
Archer VR900 V1
Archer VR600v V1
Archer VR600 V1
Archer VR400v V1
Archer VR400 V1
Archer VR200v V1
Archer VR200 V1
Archer D7 V1
Archer D5 V1
Archer D50 V1
Archer D2 V1
Archer D20 V1
TD-W9977 V1

Extensores de Cobertura Wi-Fi Compatibles (versiones de hardware listadas arriba)
RE650 V1
RE590T V1
RE580D V1
RE500 V1
RE450 V1
RE380D V1
RE360 V1
RE355 V1
RE350 V1
RE305 V1
RE205 V1
RE200 V2

*Para saber más sobre cómo encontrar la versión de hardware de tu dispositivo, vaya a
¡Próximamente más dispositivos compatibles con Tether!

Avisos Importantes
● Actualice el firmware si se requiere. Vaya a la página de descarga para elegir la correcta versión y descargue el último firmware:
● Tether de TP-Link no funciona cuando está conectado a la red de invitados
● Para cualquier incidencia, por favor contacte con


Versión 3.2.6

- Bug fixes and stability improvements.
- User experience enhancement.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5
2.5 k valoraciones

2.5 k valoraciones

MattyLB ,


Just got my CR1900 and self-activation through my cable company (Mediacom) was #brilliantly simple and automatic - which made discovery and setup in the App very fluid and nearly painless!

The only headaches I ran into were the constant log-outs and ins after making WiFi changes that didn't affect the SSID I was on to config them with. Maybe it's not possible to stay connected when a guest SSID is changed, but it's the perception of seeing the login routine over and over again that gets old.

My suggestion is to have the App reconnect us transparently, as soon as the network is back up, and allow us to navigate the App and make locally-cached changes to other settings while it's logging us in behind the scenes.

Also, I'm not seeing very many advanced options like speed testing, HomeCare or the ability to define a channel, width, or other advanced options many of us use to fine tune our signals. Maybe I've overlooked a setting like Parental Control, which I don't plan to use, but if these options ARE hidden there, that's more confusing than beneficial.

Either way - GREAT JOB ON THE APP! It's amazing easier than the junk ARRIS forces on their Surfboard owners, and I can see that your developers care enough to listen and release regular updates to improve it.

cdustybk ,

Great for initial setup but lacking in network management

First, I really enjoy the router and the initial setup with this app. The setup was very easy—set up an account, network name, & password. For most things beyond that (including any “advanced” network setup), this app isn’t so great. For example, if you want to change the DNS settings or port-forwarding, that’s only through the web interface. This app is limited to seeing what’s connected, sharing your password, and rebooting the router. It’s good at doing that; I just wish the marketing about what the app is for was more clear.

There are also some other minor issues that keep the app from functioning as intended. It only connected to my router locally the first time. Now it always connects to it as a “cloud device” and takes several seconds and network requests to load anything. It also hardly ever keeps my session, so I have to log in basically every time. Finally, sometimes it loses my session when I’m in the middle of rebooting the router so I need to wait on the router, login to the app, then connect to the router again. It’s not terrible but is basically always smoother to do through the web interface.

neuroproff ,

It just works...!

Having left “Windows World“ a long time ago and having lived in “Mack world“ since then, anytime I have to cross back into non-Apple territory makes me anxious. I have been redoing and expanding my home network recently. For that purpose I bought the TP Link ArcherC2300, and although all the reviews that covered setting it up seemed to indicate a straightforward process, I was not really looking forward to it.

However, this was truly a breeze. The TP Link app guides you through the process step-by-step, and the device actually does exactly what the app says it will do. So, I was up and running within two or three minutes of plug-in the devise into a power outlet, and this included the time it took to bind my phone to the router via Internet, which required creating a new login with their website. Great job TP Link!


TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.
100.7 MB

Requiere iOS 9.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Búlgaro, Checo, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Eslovaco, Francés, Griego, Húngaro, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Neerlandés, Polaco, Portugués, Rumano, Ruso, Tailandés, Turco, Ucraniano, Vietnamita, Árabe

Clasificación 4+
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