Get Free Money for College

If you think you can’t afford college without going deep into debt, don’t give up hope. These apps can help you access the billions of scholarship dollars waiting to be claimed.

Get government grants

Requests for financial aid usually require completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—which you can file with the myStudentAid app. In addition to helping you find federal grants, work-study, or loans you may be eligible for, the app is a great resource for researching colleges and budgeting how much funding you’ll need.


    U.S. Department of Education


Find scholarships

For a small monthly fee, Scholly looks for scholarships you might be eligible for based on your interests and skills. Apply for as many as you can, and track them all in the app.

RaiseMe helps you leverage your high school achievements, extracurriculars, honors and awards, test scores, and more to earn no-essay scholarships from more than 250 schools. Scholarships are available for ninth-grade students and older, and the money can be claimed when you accept a school’s offer to attend.

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Manage your private loans

The Sallie Mae app’s handy Today widget displays your student loan balances at a glance, while Face ID or Touch ID lets you log in quickly for more detailed information. You can even initiate a payment with Siri.

    Sallie Mae

    Manage your student loans


Pay down faster

The ChangEd App and Chipper are designed to help you pay back your loans faster. The apps round up each bank transaction to the nearest dollar and apply the difference to lower your loan balances. Even small contributions can save you thousands of dollars in interest over the lifetime of the loans.

    The ChangEd App

    Student Loans, Paid Off Sooner


    Chipper: Crush Student Loans

    Student Loan Debt Payoff App