Tales of Mother Earth

Foster a love of the Earth with these audiobooks.

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Join us as we take a peek at Storytel’s catalogue of children’s audiobooks that will foster and nourish an appreciation of Earth.

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Dansçı Caretta

Written by: Banu Bozdemir
Duration: 35 minutes
In a nutshell: water pollution can be devastating for aquatic life, especially for an endangered species like the loggerhead sea turtle – officially known as Caretta caretta. This audiobook tells the story of a newborn Caretta who ventures on a dangerous and heart-warming journey to find his mother on a spoiled Earth.

Börtü Böcek Güncesi

Written by: Şiirsel Taş
Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes
In a nutshell: we’re in the presence of one curious cricket – a cricket who loves observing nature and has a passion for learning about bugs and insects. Through this beautifully narrated audiobook, your child will learn a lot of encyclopedic knowledge around the topic, minus the boredom.

Ayı Olmayan Ayı

Written by: Frank Tashlin
Duration: 12 minutes
In a nutshell: this short yet snappy audiobook tells the story of a bear who wakes up from hibernation, only to see a factory has taken over the natural habitat where it once lived.

Kırlangıç Zamanı

Written by: Ahmet Büke
Duration: 56 minutes
In a nutshell: consisting of 10 short stories, this audiobook takes a more holistic approach to talking about all the things that make us human. Through heart-warming anecdotes – including but not limited to love for nature and animals – each tale will bring a smile to you and your child.

Renkli Penguencik

Written by: Banu Bozdemir
Duration: 33 minutes
In a nutshell: a little penguin lives a happy, peaceful life in the South Pole – that is until the arrival of some unexpected guests. Global warming has forced people to seek shelter in the penguin’s environment. Can they coexist together?

    Storytel: Audiobooks & Ebooks

    Read & listen to books anytime


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