Audio Unit Extensions That Rock

With GarageBand and Audio Unit Extensions it’s easier than ever to add pro-level software instruments and effects to your projects. To dive in, download one (or all!) of these standout instrument and effects.


Turn your bedroom closet into a concert hall! Whether you’re a singer, instrumentalist, voice actor, or DJ, these reverb apps give your tracks a beautiful resonance.

Vocal effects

How do podcasters get their voice to sound so deep and resonant? And how do pop stars pull off the perfect vocal track? These plug-ins are part of the secret. They enhance vocal depth and clarity, and can adjust a singer’s intonation and even range in post.

Virtual orchestras

These apps provide a full suite of acoustic instruments—piano, cello, flute, horns, and much more. Compose and perform your next symphonic masterpiece with these incredibly natural-sounding virtual instruments.


These apps bring the heat to your electronic-music tracks and live performances with classic synth sounds and vintage vibes.

Dynamic delays

From tried-and-true vintage tape delays to psychedelic effects that have never been heard before, these delay plug-ins offer granular adjustments to let you craft your echo just so.

Break the mold

Some creative tools defy categorization. With these game changers, tap out a beat to convert it into an editable MIDI track, create a fugue with a tailor-made sequencer, play wild bass synths, and more!