Nurture Nature With These Apps

Simple ways to lighten your environmental impact.

The responsibility to protect our shared planet intersects every aspect of our lives. These apps make it easier to minimize waste, nurture a meaningful connection with nature, and preserve precious resources.

Shop secondhand

There’s so much to love about buying and selling gently used clothes, home goods, and more: You’ll save money, stumble upon one-of-a-kind finds, and reduce waste. Turn your no-longer-needed stuff into someone else’s sustainable treasure with these apps.

Ecosia’s home screen is updated live with the number of trees the nonprofit (and your searches) has helped fund.

Reduce food waste

Uneaten food that ends up in landfills is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Use these apps to create zero-waste meal plans, get alerts when supermarkets reduce prices on perishables nearing their sell-by date, and set up food-sharing networks with neighbors.

Reduce food waste with Mealime’s meal planning feature, which smartly uses leftover ingredients from one recipe in another.

Encourage kids to go green

Want to make a truly lasting impact? Teach budding environmentalists to care for the planet. Here are a few fun ways to help children nurture plants, curtail waste, and protect Earth and its wildlife habitats.

The Earth by Tinybop is a fun, interactive way to help children understand the forces that have shaped our planet.