BEST OF 2019

The Best Apps and Games of 2019

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The search for the year’s best apps and games began with a global call to action: App Store editors around the world combed through new releases to find those that were the most beautiful, culturally interesting, and fun.

Then we argued. A lot.

The winners stopped us in our tracks. They helped us create, encouraged us to explore, and unleashed new ways of working, playing, and doodling.

So it’s with great pleasure we share our picks for the very best the App Store had to offer in 2019. We hope you enjoy making them a part of your life as much as we have.

iPhone App of the Year
Spectre Camera

Why we love it: This AI-powered photo app magically captures the beauty of motion.

iPhone Game of the Year
Sky: Children of the Light

Why we love it: Few games convey the thrill of discovery, flight, and collaboration like this groundbreaking title.

iPad App of the Year
Flow by Moleskine

Why we love it: The elegance of the iconic Moleskine notebook, now in digital form.

iPad Game of the Year
Hyper Light Drifter

Why we love it: Dazzling and action-packed, Hyper Light Drifter reimagines classic 16-bit adventure games.

Mac App of the Year
Affinity Publisher

Why we love it: This powerful and affordable app obliterates graphic design’s bar to entry.

Mac Game of the Year

Why we love it: This spectacularly satisfying puzzle-platformer explores the triumph of piecing a life back together after tragic loss.

Apple TV App of the Year
The Explorers

Why we love it: Tour the planet in stunning 4K video and photography with this gorgeous “visual inventory” of the natural world.

Apple TV Game of the Year
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Why we love it: The beloved game from the ’80s gets a reboot with hand-drawn animation and a reorchestrated soundtrack.

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